Thursday, November 24, 2016

HELLO AGAIN: Back to Blogland

And, where have we been?
November 14, 2016 - Leaving 7 Feathers RV Resort, Canyonville, southern Oregon.
We received several emails from blog followers who wondered where we had disappeared to. When we last wrote on this format, we were leaving Palm Springs last late March, 2016.  Fearing that our spring, summer and fall blogs would be quite repetitive - and given a very busy schedule of travel - I got complacent and parked the idea of blogging in favour of Facebook.  The other primary reason for holding off on blogging is the time required to edit photos, write the blog, post it and more.
Facebook is quick, easy and instant. 

For those of you who wish to follow us on Facebook, once on the FB page, type in this name: Rene Genereux and you can request to 'FRIEND' us and we'll respond.  
Our first three day stop:  Pirate Cove/Moabi Regional Park, in southeastern California - along the Colorado River
Dropping into Moabi allowed us to clean and detail our toys:  The 5th wheel and truck got a good wash, and the Harley Davidson got a good bath before getting completely detailed.
Jeanette is getting some exercise and having a look around Moabi Regional Park.
Our three days up along the Colorado River, we rolled further south through Lake Havasu, Quartzite and into Yuma, AZ.  We plan on being here for two (perhaps three) weeks.
Our first desert motorcycle ride with good friends, Lorraine & Roger and Myra & Richard
We competed another motorcycle ride a few days back, heading into the extreme southern reaches of southern California - along the Mexican border.

Many readers may recall that my brother and his wife call Yuma their winter home.  When here, we get the time to hang out with them too. Having been hosted at their home a few times, it is now our turn so Bernie and Rita will be joining us at our RV site for today's US Thanksgiving.  We'll enjoy a nice visit and a lovely dinner that Jeanette has been busy preparing.
Our most recent Facebook blurb has us enjoying a lovely Wednesday evening dinner with good friends who call Edmonton home when they aren't snow-birding here in Yuma. Lorraine and Roger put a first class meal together and it was also enjoyed with Donna and Fred.  We met these good folks a few years back when they invited us to join their motorcycle riding group.  We have enjoyed our visits and rides with them ever since.

Our Edmonton family: DIL Courtney, son Deni, grand-kids Kaylie and Owen
In our garage, with our four grand-kids and the motorcycles.
Our past summer and fall had us visit with our Edmonton, Alberta family a few times.  And they got to traipse into coastal British Columbia to visit with us a few times too.  Always a treat.
Easton and Brie (our Langley, BC based grand-kids)
Daughter Ginette, husband Trevor along with Brie and Easton - at our home, with their Halloween costumes.
I could write a book about our spring, summer and fall excursions, events and activities but I'll spare you that.  Let's just say that it was a fun-filled, busy time with friends, family and our numerous activities.   

The one downside was losing our niece, Karen (my sister's oldest daughter) to ovarian cancer.  That was a hardship for everyone but especially so for her wonderful son, Jared who is in his last year of high school. that we are back in the RVing world, I will take the time - on occasion - to blog but the balance of our messaging will be on Facebook.  We hope you can join us on that platform.

Thanks for dropping by.