Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Back to the BC Coast....

We're back from what turned out to be a fabulous Maui getaway.  Jeanette, her sister Deb, husband Bob and I spent ten great days on that truly wonderful Hawaiian island.  And our tours took us to better than 90% of the island roads; including the road to the top of the 10,000 foot volcano for an early morning 'top of the world' sunrise.
Along the beach in Kaanapali
Our very last day on Maui took us to Kaanapali and some final beach time.  The beach was busy.  The wind was brisk and the clouds would roll in and out and would sprinkle a slight mist at times.

Jeanette is playing on the beach.
These large catamarans would cruise onto the beach, keep their engines running while loading tourists then back out and head away for the planned excursions.
Jeanette and I took a long beach walk west towards the rock wall in the photo below.  Cliff jumpers could be seen jumping, flipping and diving off in the distance.
Although the signs clearly display no jumping, no one really paid any attention.
We witnessed some pretty impressive jumps and dives from here.
Back at our site, Bob and I sat in the shade while Jeanette and Deb took in the last sun rays possible before our flight back to Vancouver, BC.

Back in Lahaina, we enjoyed a lunch and took a final walk around the Front Street shops and the marina.
We made our way back to our condo and began packing for our late evening flight.
The port town of Lahaina offers much for tourists.  That our condo was only one block off from Front Street was great.  We could quickly access any of the restaurants or simply enjoy walking around the marina or the shops.  Good fun!
Jeanette always writes down the names of our grand kids on any bit of sand she can find during our travels.

These catamarans are most popular in and around Maui.
Our lunch spot on the beach featured a Christmas tree.  Immediately following the US Thanksgiving, Christmas stuff began appearing everywhere.  The local radio stations began playing X-Mas music.  Sure seemed odd listening to Christmas carols while driving under palm trees.

More Christmas decor
A final pose in Lahaina before heading off.
We enjoyed Bob and Deb's company on this trip.  It was fun having them along to celebrate our 40 year anniversary and Jeanette's birthday.  It was a fun trip.  Mahalo.
  Alright!  Back to reality.  Now we focus our attention on hosting Christmas at our home and preparing our 5th wheel and motorcycle swivel wheel for our late December departure to the sunny US southwest climes.

Mahalo for dropping in