Saturday, February 18, 2017

Blogging moved over to Facebook

My winter plan to blog more often just isn't working out.  Why? Well, it seems that my time is more limited than in years past (yes, we keep busy) and I find it taxing to want to put in the time to write longer format blogs. I much prefer the immediacy of FacebookFacebook is not only quick, it is easy to take a few photos and post them instantly with our iPad or iPhone.

That said, I will focus my efforts on Facebook going forward.  I may, on occasion, blog but if you wish to follow more regularly, then Facebook is where I can be found.

Should you choose to switch to Facebook, once on the Facebook page, simply type my name:  Rene Genereux and my page should appear.  Should you wish to become a 'Friend', send me a request and I'll sign you in.

Thank you,