Friday, November 12, 2010

Truck scheduled for release on Monday

We woke up to a beautiful west coast fall day.  The sun is shinning but the weather prognosticators are calling for gray skies and showers for the coming days.

Wondering why I included the photo below?   It is the work of the auto thieves who stole our truck recently.
Some of you know that our F-350 Ford dually diesel truck was stolen last October 16, 2010.  The perpetrators damaged the door locks and ignition system.  It was, according to the RCMP, a professional job.  Every conceivable item in the truck was taken.  Our GPS, Motorola two way radios, camping guide books, maps, travel diary, emergency light, CD case with over 60 CDs, garage door opener, every pen and paper and more were removed.  The truck had been driven well over 500 km before it was dumped in the urban forest near our home.  Once the insurance company confirmed the drive system was OK, the body work began.  There were numerous dents and a bent bumper to repair, aside from numerous scratches. 

The thieves drove it hard - in 4X4 - through scrub trees and brush.  
The entire vehicle was scratched....and the mud flaps were damaged.

The perps also slashed one dually tire.

The good news is that the truck has been repaired and once the new tires are installed it will be detailed and returned to us.  The stolen items have now been replaced.

We have never had anything stolen from us prior to this.  It's a shock!  It's invasive! It is a huge waste of time and energy - not to mention the cost to increasing insurance rates.  The RCMP chose not to fingerprint the vehicle.  These crooks cause havoc - emotional and financial - yet our justice system fails to investigate, apprehend, and to severely punish these perps.  

So...we have beefed up the security system with a new immobilizer and some other pretty cool - crook resistant - technologies.  According to those in the automotive industry, any deterrent is simply that; a deterrent.  The experienced thieves know how to foil any anti theft device.  

The good news is that the truck will be returned to us on Monday or Tuesday and we can continue to plan for our ADD (anticipated date of departure).  

We hope the truck comes back looking like this!!!

Wishing you a good day.

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