Sunday, December 5, 2010

OPEN MIKE ! It's all about nothing!!

Sunday ritual calls for a meeting of dissimilar minds at a local Tim's to discuss the pressing issues or diatribe of the week.

Webster's Dictionary
di'atribe bitter speech of criticism, invective. (G.= a wearing away of time)

That definition, in short, colours our discussions.  There is a great amount of bitter speech, a whole lot of invective and, by and large, a great wearing away of time!!  

You can stop reading here.......or read on if you really have to. 
It takes several coffee re-fills to keep this group of deep minds going.

We discuss all topics in depth, solve all the world's problems, and then we go home!

This is Mike.....better known as Open Mike!  Notice the finger pointing?
Mike chairs this forum of intelligence, wit and deep thought.  He loves to control the agenda.  What agenda you may ask?

Some of the intelligentsia who attend on a regular basis.

Note the seriousness of this cast of characters.  They bring a combined wealth of wisdom to the discussions.  I dare not look at Webster's definition of least as far as this group goes.  Because it is a drop in, others show up too from time to time. 
Chris, on the left, is formulating his opinion and would speak once the guy on the right stops talking!
Today's topics included serious discussion on the two Koreas - North & South - and how the cold war issue (and retaliation to recent bombardments) should be handled. 
 Sarah Palin could learn a thing or two from this group!

Dr. Bill could still be suffering from imbibing in Xmas partying the previous night or he completely disagrees with Open Mike....which is quite common.  We're not quite sure!!!  Note that finger point again!!!
This guy shows up - late I might add - and decided to throw in his two cents (or is that sense)!  In any case, the discussion - Open Mike's agenda - was completely derailed and the intelligentsia began discussion on a completely different topic. 

The summation of this gathering - by this writer - is but one example of why government leaders are so often thrown off of their own stated agendas.  There is always someone (or something) that throws these things off the rails.  

In the end, we all agreed to disagree, but we also agreed to meet again in one week in the hopes of formulating agreements on the issues or diatribe of the week.  

Not sure you will wish to stay tuned into this.

Now you know why this gathering is officially known as 
'OPEN MIKE.....It's All About Nothing'.  


  1. Looks like a fun gathering and a great way to solve the worlds problems on a Sunday morning.

    But Sarah Palin learning something? Not possible!

  2. Yes Rick, this is a fun gathering of minds and wit. Agree that it would be impossible for Sarah Palin to learn something.