Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Weekend Activities

Finally - some decent weather and these flowers are blooming.

With the Easter weekend comes the usual rush to cross into the USA to take advantage of cheaper US goods.  What would make someone want to wait in line at the Canada/USA borders,  for up to five (5) hours, just to save a few bucks?   That's right!  To each his/her own but I value my time far too much to waste it in long line ups to save a few bucks.

This Canada/USA border is at 0 (zero) avenue.  The traffic was backed up to 24th avenue.  That is, at the very least, a three to four hour wait from here.
It was a decent day to ride so we headed east towards Cultus Lake in the eastern Fraser Valley.  We were surprised to find so few people taking advantage of the Provincial Park, the lake and beautiful surroundings.

No shortage of parking.

Popular beach area with nary a soul to find.

Quiet and peaceful.
We were quite pleasantly surprised by the absence of boats on Cultus Lake.  In the peak of summer, there are so many boats that it's deafening to be anywhere near this lake. 
This is mountain glacial water and it seems to have little effect on this youngster who is water skiing without a wet or dry suit.

This long boat seems to be patiently waiting for its rowers.

Just a great day to walk the quiet beaches and docks in the area.
We walked around at the main beach area then rode south and west towards the private RV and the Provincial campgrounds.  There were a few hardy RVers enjoying some weekend family time.

Aquadel Golf Course - an 18 hole executive course on the west side of Cultus Lake

There were quite a few golfers enjoying this Good Friday on the links.
After hanging around for a while we headed back towards home.  These are some shots of agriculture in the Fraser Valley.

Early growth.

Pastoral scene.


That was our Friday spent enjoying the countryside.

Saturday was devoted to our first SNAKE GOLF round of the season.  We were 12 players enjoying a gorgeous day opening round @ Fort Langley Golf & Country Club.  I had very good intentions to bring the camera along but I left it back home.  So much for blogging about golf, eh?  I can say that we had a fabulous time golfing in the beautiful outdoors, on a bright, sunny and warm day.
Cabins and chalets that surround the east/north side of Cultus Lake.

Chilliwack River

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  1. I used to live in Veddar Crossing and we used to go up to Cultus Lake in the summertime. This was 35 years ago. I enjoyed the pictures of the lake and it brought back memories of some grand days spent there. Thanks.

  2. we use to go to Cultus Lake when I was growing up..thanks for the beautiful shots today..looks like you both had the park almost to yourselves!..
    we were one of those crazy ones who went across the border but not till the wait wasn't too bad ..only about an hour..