Monday, August 20, 2012

Renovation Continued:

We continue to work on the completion of our small renovation; that of replacing the kitchen nook window with a French door.  It's going well.
Painting the French doors.
I had to order some special hardware and some new colour match 'J Channel' to surround the French door on the vinyl siding side.  I can't complete the finishing without those two orders.  One order is expected within days and the other order will arrive on Friday.  So, I worked on painting the door, installing new gyproc (sheet rock) on the interior wall, applying patching compound, and adding some much needed finishing in the sun room proper.
New sheet rock applied - and with the 2nd coat of drywall compound.
The sun room is getting some finishing work too.  I chose to add mouldings on all surround areas.
Our weather cooled off a bit - from low 30's to more reasonable mid-20's Celsius.  That makes working far less taxing.  Mid 20's are perfect temperatures.
Cutting mouldings - baseboards, brick mold and door casings.
The exposed wood - cedar and mouldings - will be painted once the finishing work is complete.
Air nail guns make quick work for the install of mouldings and other finishings.
Sanding, and one more coat of drywall patching compound, and the wall will be prepped to receive two coats of paint.
 It wasn't all work and no play!
I got out to golf.....
....and Jeanette attended a Vancouver Canadians baseball game with friends.

.....and I got together with our regular Sunday 'Open Mike' coffee group and after we solved all of the worlds problems, I returned to continue work on the small renovation.

Tomorrow will see Jeanette and I motorcycle (or drive, if rain is forecast) to East Barriere Lake (north of Kamloops) to join our daughter, son in law and grandson, Easton, for a few days at our son in law's family cabin.  We're looking forward to that.

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. Not trying to make more work for you but are you leaving the original exterior door in place or closing it off? Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. Rick and Kathy:
    I am leaving the original door in place. I wallowed back and forth about removing it but it opens directly to a smaller fridge we have there. In cooler months, the small door is most appropriate.

  3. nice work on your reno!..enjoy the time away at Barriere Lake!!!..should be fun with the grandson!!

  4. Your reno project looks terrific - nice job.

    Have a great time up at the cabin - sounds like fun.

  5. Great job on the renovations--another handy husband! Have fun seeing the grandbaby!