Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Keeping busy...

Result of a deer encounter with the truck fender
Our F-350 dually is back from the body shop with a new passenger side rear fender.  Hard to imagine that a deer - taking a leap from a roadside ditch - could cause $2,800 in damages.  That was the final bill.  Thankfully - other than our deducible - the insurance company took care of the repairs.  The insurance company declared the accident to be a 'hit and run'.  Go figure!!!!
All new again!
With Jeanette, Ginette and Easton away in Alberta, I did manage to complete a few home improvement projects.   The master bathroom is now renewed with a fresh coat of paint to match the feature wall in the bedroom.  It looks nice.  All the fixtures and accessories have been re-mounted.  It's good to go.

Easton waiting to board his flight to Edmonton last week.
I received this photo  - taken with Jeanette's smart phone - while the travelers were waiting for the call to board the WestJet aircraft. They were off to visit our son and daughter in law in Edmonton and also to visit Jeanette's mom in the long term care facility she now resides in, a 90 minute drive east from Edmonton.
Another photo - sent via smart phone - with Easton and his mom shopping while in Edmonton.
Jeanette with her mom in front of the old homestead home on the farm.
Jeanette took her mom out to the family farm for an afternoon visit last week.  The original log home in the background (long now serving as a storage place) is where Jeanette was born during a snow storm 60 years ago this month.  The blizzard conditions prevented them from getting to the local hospital for the delivery.  She wanted this photo to remember that it was her dad (Dr. John, as she refers to him) who delivered her in that very log house. She was then taken to visit the doctor once the storm had passed and the roads were passable.
An early Christmas present.
Jeanette came up with the idea of getting a photo blanket made for her mom.  The photos are a compilation of events, activities and people who mean a lot to her mom.  What a neat idea this is.  Now Mary can have it on her bed.  She loved it!
With weather this nice, I made good on getting some outdoor chores completed. (Archival photo)
I managed to complete my Christmas shopping.  Yes, I no longer need to run around looking for Christmas presents.  What a relief that is for me!  I really do not enjoy shopping....but I am glad I got it done.

When back home, early afternoon yesterday, the sun was shinning as bright as the photo above and I thought it best to get the ladder out and install the Christmas lights on the house.  A couple of hours later and that too was finished. One more task that will not have to be done in the rain.
I even managed to wash our black truck and our daughter's car that is sitting in our driveway while she is visiting in Edmonton and Calgary.
Jeanette, Ginette and Easton have been in Calgary, Alberta, since last Sunday.  They drove down after visiting Edmonton and area for several days.  They are visiting Jeanette's sister and husband, Deb and Bob, and doing some running around the stores with the intent to boost the local economy.  Yes, they have been shopping!
Auntie Deb keeps Easton busy with play stuff!
Daughter Ginette sent this photo - on her smart phone - as they celebrated another birthday cake (while in Calgary) to recognize Jeanette's birthday tomorrow.
Speaking of tomorrow, the Alberta visitors return home on an early morning WestJet flight back from Calgary.  I'll be at the Abbotsford Airport to meet then and welcome them back to the land of green.  After a week of traipsing around the white stuff (snow) in Alberta, they will appreciate the weather back here on the west coast.

If not for smart phones, I would not have these photos to post.  I love the possibilities that modern technology offers us today.

That's it for now.  Thanks for dropping by.


  1. Wow, sounds like you had as many chores as I did, glad your are getting your truck repaired, thank goodness for insurance at $2,800!

  2. You are one busy man for sure! Truck looks great...

  3. nice way for Mother and Daughter and Easton, too, to spend some quality time together!
    Jeanette cannot possibly be 60?..that must be a misprint!

  4. That's a great photo of Jeanette with her Mom in front of the old log house.

    The ability to communicate and send instant photos across the country and the world sure is a big benefit for families when they are separated for a while.

    It sounds like our sunny skies are going to end pretty soon as we seem to be headed for rainy days.

  5. Happy birthday to Jeanette! Love her idea for the quilt for her Mom. That's a super idea.

  6. Nice to hear your truck is all repaired. Nice idea Jeanette had to give her Mom the photo blanket. Glad you had a break in the rain to get some outside projects done. Sounds like your all set to be able to just sit back and enjoy the holiday festivities.

  7. I'm catching up with Blogs I read regularly after a busy week or more. I want to refer back to the video of Stephen Jepson.

    My husband celebrates his 77th birthday in a couple of days and I am 73. This makes a lot of sense to me on every level. I have been looking for some ideas to incorporate into our lives, especially as we want to travel overseas a few more times yet. Next year, around Easter, we are going to Hawaii for a week. New Zealand is so far away from most places that we need to be fit enough for 12 - 13 hour flights. We are not athletic or terribly physical so these ideas suit us well in addition to our walking. Perhaps we should build a simllar obstacle course in our back yard. *smiles*