Wednesday, April 15, 2015

No Lack Of Activities

Our area is simply stunning right now.  The spring flora is flourishing and the average daytime temperature, with some exceptions, is most comfortable. 

And we have not lacked for things to do since our return from the desert.  In fact, we have been very busy.
When visiting at our place, Brie enjoys sitting at the little people table to colour or play with toys,
We've had our Langley based grand children over a few times and that is always a fun time.  Easton got to help his Nana prepare the bird feeders and to prepare the 'birdie juice' for the hummingbirds.

Nothing beats going for a bicycle 'strider bike' ride to the local park
At the local park near us, Easton has any number of choice activities to keep him busy.  The great bicycle obstacle course is a favourite and so is the washboard bike track.
Rather than ride over the teeter totter, Easton opts to walk it.  He is at the mid point balanced spot.
Easton turned three years old this Friday past.  As a result, there were numerous get togethers and parties to attend.  That started on Friday, continued on to Saturday and culminated in a young peoples'  Sunday party at a local community centre.   So, he celebrated well and had a lot of fun.  And so did Jeanette and I.
We brought these goodies and gifts to Easton's home.
Early on Friday morning, Easton's folks Face Timed us when they presented him with a new pedal bicycle.  Was he thrilled?  You bet.  And he could not wait to show us his new wheels.
Easton's paternal grand father, Warren dropped by to see the new bicycle Easton got for his birthday.
And when we arrived at his house on Friday afternoon, Easton had to show Jeanette and I his new set of wheels.  He will be getting plenty of bike time in the weeks and months ahead.

Happy Brie is playing with an electronic toy.  And she knows how to turn it on and make all kinds of sounds with it.
We had another get together with Easton and his family on Saturday. But Sunday morning was reserved to meet up with our good friends, Mariette and Lorne at the White Rock beach for breakfast.  It was also the first time we have seen them since Christmas.  

It was nice to get together before they catch a flight to South Africa in the days ahead.  We enjoyed a nice breakfast at Hemmingways on the beach, while watching the white caps on the Pacific Ocean.
Breezy White Rock Beach on Sunday morning.
Hemmingways is the building with the poles sticking out and up over the roof line.  It is also known as the Ocean Beach Hotel.
While we were enjoying breakfast with our friends, back in Alberta, Jeanette's sister, Darlene was busy with mom Mary putting together a traditional Ukrainian Easter food basket.  To maintain such a solid tradition means so much to Mary. 
Check out the food stuff in the basket
And check out the breads that were prepared for the occasion
Sunday afternoon was set aside for a kids party to celebrate Easton's birthday.  Many little kids attended - with their folks - and it turned into a fun time for all. To have rented the facility was well worth it considering there were 40 people who attended.  Imagine that number of big and little people in one's home!
Ginette (R) and friend, Kara (L) are getting the food stuff organized.
The Langley Events Centre facility was where Trevor chose to rent a room to house the party crowd.  And what a good idea that was.  An employee (a young girl) was offered up to help organize games.  And the kids got into that with vigor.
After all the fun games, it was time for some lunch and a gift opening.
Since our return back home from the US southwest, Easton had been asking his folks if he could have a sleep over at our home.  That is what happened on Monday.  Easton came over in the morning.  We enjoyed a lovely day with him and he was very tired at bed time.  We were tired too.....!
Easton helps his Nana sort out the bottles and cans for recycling.
And before his mom returned to pick him up yesterday afternoon, Easton and I enjoyed some park play time,  fixing a few things on the motorcycles and generally enjoying some outdoor fun.
And that is the way it has been around here.  It is hard to believe that it has been 14 days since our return.

With some very nice weather forecast for the weekend, I am planning to put the Harley Davidson back on the road.  And that is something to look forward too.

Easton decided to check out the Harley too.
All set to roll.
 Thanks for dropping by.


  1. I'm getting anxious to get back to Montana and get my hands on that little granddaughter of ours! You guys are staying busy!

  2. So is your cover picture recent? It's very pretty.

    1. The photo was taken this past Tuesday from our front driveway.

  3. Lots of great family time you are enjoying.

  4. You have a great little helper for all your motorcycle chores. Looked like a great birthday for Easton I like the new bike, sure it will be well enjoyed by him this summer. Beautiful new header photo you added. Have a great Thursday!

  5. Wow....hard to believe Easton is three years old now...sure looks like he is doing great!