Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Whistler & Home Stuff....

Jeanette returned from her 12 day  Alberta visit with  Deni, Courtney, Owen; followed with spending several days with her sisters and her mom.  And a wonderful visit it was.
Owen was showered with gifts from his Nana
Deni and Courtney make it a point to read to Owen before bedtime.
Jeanette got to spend some quality time with Owen and his folks.  The little man is quite the fun character.  And he is such a happy go lucky guy.
Play time........
"I can see you......"

Special time with Nana
Following several good days visiting Owen, Deni and Courtney, Jeanette's sister Deb, from Calgary, Alberta, drove up to Edmonton. She and Jeanette then drove out to the Vegreville/Two Hills, Alberta area to spend some time visiting their mom.
L- R  Jeanette, mom Mary, Deb and Darlene

Jeanette with her mom
Jeanette returned home, here on the BC coast late last week, one day before our daughter, Ginette was taking flight to the Luxor region of Egypt.  She is there on business but has also planned some days to visit all of the stunningly rich tourist areas nearby.  Ginette will be away for one month.
Ginette's departure day for Egypt was made really difficult when having to say bye bye to her two children and husband.
Brie was not quite up on what was happening but Easton (photo below) was sad when his mommy was leaving for the airport.  The kids will be kept busy and they will get to spend every Thursday and Friday with us; including sleepovers.  With FaceTime and Skype, there will be plenty of opportunities for the kids to chat with their mom.

Saturday and Sunday were forecast to offer some stunning weather.  Friday evening, over dinner, I proposed that we motorcycle up to Whistler for the day.  Jeanette was up for that.
Saturday morning.
We left our home at 10:00 AM, Saturday morning.  Traffic was lite along the Sea to Sky highway to Whistler.  The views?  Stunning!
On the Sea to Sky highway.
Little traffic.
Approaching Whistler Resort
We walked around the Village centre.  And it was not busy.  Our visit fell between the two busy seasons; winter skiing and summer golf and downhill bicycling and hiking. This is a great time of the year to visit, in our view.
Our view from our outdoor lunch spot. at the foot of Blackcomb Mountain.
Click on this link to view the Whistler/Blackcomb WEB site.  
Plenty of snow on the mountain tops.
The view - south from Squamish, BC
The motorcycle was again put into service on Sunday morning.  I joined our 'Open Mic' coffee group in White Rock.  We had a nice turnout.  It's always a fun time.

Sunday afternoon, I joined a 'guy' ride to a local Harley Davidson motorcycle shop. We went  to check out all of the new motorcycles for 2015.  Some guys tried out some new motorcycles.  By mid-afternoon, we were off on a ride into the Harrison Hot Springs / Harrison Mills area, on a scenic mountain and riverside ride.

Three of the fellas were riders I met while in the Palm Desert/Desert Hot Springs area. It was nice to seen them once again.
Out with the old and in with the new.
One back yard project I did not complete last summer involved removing the small and unsightly planter on the east side of our deck.  Once I disposed of it, I began building a much longer planter.  By late afternoon yesterday (Monday), just before the forecast rain began, I completed the bulk of the work and put the tools away.
I managed to get all the power tools put away before the rain began.
Although all the 4X4 were pre-stained, once the edges are routered, the exposed wood and the end cuts will be stained. We plan to fill this planter - and another on the opposite side of the yard - with emerald cedar hedge trees.

And that pretty well colours our activities, these past several days.

Thanks for dropping in.


  1. Busy busy! That must have been a great ride to Whistler, the weather looked great. I think that Ginette is going to miss the kids more than they will miss her but what a a wonderful opportunity for her to be in that area. The planter looks nice, lots of work.

  2. Beautiful Whistler ride enjoyed your pictures. Wow! Owen has grown so much. Sure will be a fun busy month with Easton and Brie. Nice job on the planters, the Cedar hedge will look beautiful. Three weeks and we are on our way north getting the hitchitch here. Have a great Tuesday!

  3. One of favourite places to visit is Whistler..thanks for sharing the photos !!

  4. You have been busy as usual, looking good.

  5. That's a long time for Ginette to be away--but I bet the time goes quickly! Great photos of the Whistler area.