Saturday, February 5, 2011


I-8 to the off ramp south to Algadones, Mexico
We headed to Algadones, Mexico, yesterday to take advantage of the really good prices and to enjoy some Mexican cultural flavour.
Mission along the way.

Quechen Casino - on native reservation - just north of the Mexican border.
Entrance to the casino.
 Algadones is really a tourist mecca for cheap prices on eye wear, dental services, pharmaceuticals, liquor and cigarettes, and the typical t-shirt, jewelery and leather shops.  It's quite the place.

Hector @ the wheel as we head towards the border.
 The border town of Algadones is close to Yuma, AZ, but we had to cross the border into California to get there. 
Canal created from the Colorado River - just north of the entry into Mexico.
We parked in the large parking lot and walked through the border into Mexico.  It's a sharp contrast from one side of the border to the other.  THERE IS A BIG SIGN CLEARLY STATING, "NO PHOTOS".
One of the many streets in Algadones, Mexico.

How many dental offices?  Far too many to count!! - Amazing!

We toured around the narrow streets, through the leather goods and t-shirt sellers, and into numerous shops.  I had a recent optometric prescription so I ordered some new eye wear.  Jeanette had an eye test and also ordered some new eye wear.  Cost?   Amazingly low when compared to the prices we pay in Canada - like about 1/4 of the cost.  How about that???

Hector & Diane making their way through the busy streets. One has to walk into these street vendor shops to access many of the optometirc, dental and pharmaceutical businesses.
We stopped for lunch and enjoyed some good Mexican libations and food.

Hector, Jeanette and Diane.....enjoying the sunshine.

Security is everywhere.  The local policia get around on quads and, near the Mexican exit back into the US, these Fedérales check vehicles waiting in line to clear US customs.
Mexican soldiers checking vehicles in line to clear into US customs.
It was a fun time walking around and hearing the selling banter on the streets.  We enjoyed some wonderful Mexican/Spanish music and this little girl was going around collecting tips for her dad who was working the keyboards.
A real cutie, this girl.

We continued our walk around Algadones then headed for the long line to cross back into the US and the lot where our vehicle was parked.
Water tower.

One of the many open air restaurants and bars.

Jeanette near a man made waterfall.

Diane enjoying the artistic handy work.
These Mexican people are so wonderfully talented artisans. It's fun to watch them work and to market their wares.
Interesting sign.  I did get to meet Carlos Coca Cola but Maria Tequila was away this day.
So...we crossed back into the USA with our cheap Tequila and other goods then joined my brother and sister in law for a great group dinner out at an 'all you can eat fish dinner' at a local golf and country club.
Diane and Jeanette

Sister in law, Rita, brother, Bernie and their friend, Paul.
After a belly full of fish, we drove back to my brother's park model for an hour of banter before heading home for R&R....and early sleep to ready for Hector and my golf game this early morning.
Thanks for the hospitality guys....and thanks to next door neighbour, Paul, for the lemons and oranges.
Well, it's early morning but I now have to get ready to get out on the links for our very early morning golf game.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Thanks for the great tour and pics of Algadones as we've never been there. With all the dentists and optometrists in Algodones, I've often wondered how their American counterparts in Yuma do?

    What a great day!

  2. nothing like some Mexican 'libations' to quench the thirst!..looks like you all had a fun day south of the border!!!

  3. Thanks for the tour. It would almost be worth the cost of flying across the Pacific Ocean to get my teeth done and new glasses. I decided to do it the easy pay way this time. We are on NZ superannuation and I qualified for a loan to get my teeth done I'll have $8 a week deducted from my payments for the next two years. I hope my eyes last that long because I don't want to take another bite out of our regular income until my dental work is paid for.

    Mexico looks like fun. We might need to have an adventure there if we can ever afford to get off terra firma in New Zealand again.

    Meantime we will enjoy reading about your adventures.


  4. Be careful taking photos of the police in Mexico...we were warned our first Algodones visit (as well as in Progresso where there was even more military/police presence). Several friends have had their cameras confiscated....

    Looks like you are in our favorite area of Yuma. We hope to rent a lot there next year for Feb/Mar.