Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Palm Springs and area

Yuma, AZ Foothills area - yesterday morning.
Ready to roll.  Heading for Palm Springs.
We were packed, closed up, loaded and ready to roll on I-8 westbound by 10:15 yesterday morning.  It was another beautiful Yuma day.  Sure could have used another motorcycle ride in the desert.

Just west of Yuma are these vegetable farms and a few minutes further west are these ever changing sand dunes.
Sand, water, fertilizer, seed and manpower leads to large vegetable yields in the fields near Yuma, AZ
The All American Canal surrounded by ever changing and moving sand dunes. 
The topography changes quickly in this part of the desert. Winds have a constant effect on the sand dunes - a popular dune buggy sporting area.
Heading north, off I-8, on Highway S30 north.
Northbound, just west of the city of El Centro, CA.
It was an uneventful drive other than the California highway bumps and holes. Hitting one bump on S-30 broke one of the ratchet straps that hold down the front end of the motorcycle.  Good thing for the rear view camera.  I instantly saw the strap tear.  These are strong ratchet straps and to rip like that is testament to the sorry state of many California highways.

S-30 north led to West 78 highway, and later north again on 86 to the Palm Springs area.
To the east of us is the Salton Sea, north of El Centro.
It is along this stretch where we had to pull over and replace one ratchet strap holding down the motorcycle.
Another photo of the Salton Sea.
To the left is what appears to be salt or really white sand.  We didn't stop to sample a taste.
We soon approached our exit on to I-10 westbound.
It's a nice drive into the Cochella Valley and the Palm Springs of numerous golf courses and shopping galore.

We'll be in this area till the end of February.
Early this morning.
We took our swivelwheel off the 5th wheel, hooked it to our truck, loaded our motorcycle, drove off and dropped it off at a Cathedral City motorcycle shop this morning.  We had a problem developing with the shaft drive.  The parts were ordered today and we're hoping that we can get our motorcycle back at the end of next week. It is a major job but a necessary one.  The centre bearing has worn out and needs replacement.
Early morning shot of the area.  Wishing you a wonderful day.


  1. glad you landed safely in Palm Springs..enjoy the fun in the sun!!

  2. Glad you had a safe drive into Palm Springs! It's an interesting route from El Centro up past the Salton Sea.

    The last few pictures of the park where you're staying now look pretty familiar to me. Or, am I imagining things?

  3. I don't imagine the roads in California will be getting better anytime soon. Nice pictures!