Saturday, February 26, 2011

Final Round - The Living Desert

Desert Springs Golf Resort - Palm Desert
Our point of departure for the Valley Course.
We were able to book some discount golf during our three round golf challenge and our final round tool place here, Friday, February 25.  This is a true resort course - well manicured and, although challenging, it is more difficult to lose a ball when compared to a desert course.

Golfing partners, Fred K. and Rick C.
Hmmmm....we faced a lot of water hazards...and waterfalls.
Although the winds were once again at gale force in Desert Hot Springs, when we arrived in Palm Desert, the San Jacinto Mountains had - as is common - blocked the wind from affecting this golf course.  What a contrast!!!  

Stunning views all around this course.

They aren't confused....although this photo may leave that impression!!!

Picture post card perfect pose.
With no winds in our area, we were able to play in short sleeve shirts.  What a bonus.
Another photo op....while waiting to tee off.
There was a bit of slow play but by and large, we were able to maintain a reasonable pace.
One of the many waterfalls on this course.
Rick's power shot...with Fred looking on.

Fred's power tee off....
This was a really good day on the golf links.

While we were busy with golf, Jeanette took in a tour of 'The Living Desert' - only a few miles from our golf course.
Living Desert main shuttle station.

Incredible amount of vegetation, birds, wild animals, etc!
More than a collection of exhibits, 'The Living Desert' is also a nature preserve.  Within this 1200 acres is a series of nature trails.  Visit the WEB link below for complete details.

Barrel Cactus Garden.


Interesting collection of colours.
For the uninitiated who believe the desert is bland and boring, these photos bare proof of just how beautiful the desert can be.

Various Agave cacti. Anyone for Tequila?
Interestingly enough, as large as this facility is, only 1080 of the 1200 acres are undisturbed Sonoran Desert.
Out of Africa...into the Coachella Valley.

These giraffe seem to fit right in to this desert country.

There is so much one could show about this wonderful facility but the web site above is the best way to explore it.
Jeanette saw numerous birds, lizards, beautiful gardens, domestic and wild livestock from Africa, and more.  What she didn't see were the warthog, lion, jaguar, zebra and other animals who may have been having a snooze somewhere out of eye sight.

When Jeanette reconnected with us at the golf course, she had spent over four hours exploring 'The Living Desert'.  Based on her experience, we will put this facility on our 'to do' list for the next time we RV into the Palm Spring/Palm Desert area in Southern California.

Wet, wet, west coast style weather - albeit warmer.
Rick C.  looking well relaxed after a few days of R&R & golf here in the Palm Springs area.
So, after three and one half rounds of golf in the area, fighting gale force winds, rain, great dinners out with friends, and good sleeps in our RV,  Rick is flying back home to White Rock, BC, later today.  It was nice to have him visit.

We woke up to wet grounds again today.  Brochure on and about this area speak to the fact that it receives 360 days of sun and only five days of rain, on average.  Well, we've been here for 2.5 weeks and it has rained for three of those days. We have experienced gale force winds for most of our time here too.  What is with that?  The locals and the veteran snow birders keep telling us that this is an unusual year.  We sure hope that is the case because we sure haven't experienced warm, calm days.
Our spot in the Sand RV & Golf Resort - Desert Hot Springs, CA
Our time here has come to an end.  We pack up and leave for home tomorrow (back to the west coast of British Columbia).  We'll write about our journey along the way.

Tomorrow's blog will feature Jeanette's wonderful and challenging hike into Painted Canyon with fellow RVers and bloggers.

Thanks for dropping in.


  1. have a safe trip back home to BC..we have left the light on for you both!..can't wait to read Jeanette's blog entry tomorrow!..
    hard to believe it is time to head north already!!

  2. Love that desert landscaping. Safe travels on your trip home. The rest of us will hold the Fort for awhile longer before doing the same.