Friday, February 25, 2011

Golf, Entertainment & Dinner Out with Friends

The Palm Desert/Palm Springs chapter of the SNAKE Men's GOLF GROUP
Rick C., Fred K. and I got together for some power golf in the desert.  Fred is a regular snowbird here, we are temporary snow birders on wheels, and Rick joined us from White Rock for three rounds of power golf.  We belong to a mens' golf group back home called  "SNAKE Golf ".  We are 16 guys, each with a venomous snake name, who play every Wednesday afternoon....and have done so for well over 20 years.
Fred, fighting back against the strong desert winds.

Jeanette was not without activities.  She was on a hike with some RV bloggers on Monday (her story to appear on this blog soon), she took in "The Follies" in Palm Springs while we golfed on Wednesday, and she will be touring the Living Desert this afternoon during our final round of the Desert SNAKE Golf group.

Rick - hoping that his golf score equals the golf cart number!!!  You think????
Desert Dunes Golf & Country Club.
We fought very hard to hold ourselves upright in the gale force winds.  Unbelievable winds were in force.  We managed to finish the round...and yes, we did enjoy the day out but, and it's a big but, it was a true golf tester out there.

Yesterday morning @ Terra Lago Golf & Country Club in Indio, CA
Rick and I were up very early to get to our second round of golf in Indio, CA - at the eastern far end of the Coachella Valley.  It was another sunny day but the early morning winds were back in force - albeit not nearly as strong as the day before in Desert Hot Springs.

Fred, Me, and Rick

True desert golf.  This was an incredibly beautiful and equally challenging golf outing.
The winds abated here and before long, we could remove our wind breakers and enjoy the day out in a spectacular environment.

Indio, CA in the background.

Beautiful terrain equally beautiful golf lay out.
Our round finished, we enjoyed a libation in the club house before leaving to shower and pick up our RV friends, Lucky and Trena, for a night out on the town in Palm Desert, CA.
Behind us is an island green - Yes, you read right!  There is an island green in the desert.
We met Fred and wife Pat @ Babes, the eatery in Palm Desert for 5:45 pm.  Lucky and Trena drove out with Rick, Jeanette and I from Desert Hot Springs.  We enjoyed good laughs and food in this really nice environment.
L-R Fred, Rick, Me & Lucky.
Rick & Pat tuned in to Lucky's yarn?

Fred listening in while Trena checks out the menu.
Famous for their ribs.


The gang in the booth.
We enjoyed the banter, food and libations...and after saying our good byes to Pat and Fred, we drove back to Lucky and Trena's RV park in Desert Hot Springs.  We were invited in. Who could resist?
Jeanette took these photos of their Class 'A' motor home.

Nice arrangement of LED lighting.

Check out their palm tree! 
After a couple of hours enjoying Lucky and Trena's hospitality, we left back for our RV park - only  a few miles west from their park.

Painted Canyon.
Jeanette's coverage and photos of her Painted Canyon hike will be featured but she simply has not had the time to get that completed....considering all the activities we have taken in during these past few days. 

Stay tuned though and I'm sure her hike story will hit this blog in the coming days.

So, another busy day awaits us here in the Palm Springs/Palm Desert area.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Sure glad to hear you are getting your golf games in despite the wind. I guess if you golf on the south side of the I-10, the winds aren't as bad.

    Sure looked like a terrific place for dinner - those ribs and chicken looked awesome!

    I'll be looking forward to reading Jeanette's blog about our hike in the Painted Canyon.

    We'll be sure to drop by and say goodbye before you leave this Sunday. It's been a real pleasure getting to know you and Jeanette and we have enjoyed your company tremendously. Sure hope we meet up again - here, or on the road somewhere!

  2. you didn't share what your 'snake names are?'..or is that priviliged information??

  3. Sue & Doug,

    Point well taken. Here are our SNAKE names:

    Fred's SNAKE name is "Coral",Rick's is "Sidewinder" and mine is "Mamba".