Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Fountains Hills and a boat ride.

Yesterday was a day out for Jeanette and her friends, Ione and Annalia.  They chose to tour the Fountains Hills area, north of Mesa/Scottsdale.
Shortly after ingesting a glass of wine, the girls came up with the plan to spend it together touring, boating and lunching.
Saguaro Lake
I, on the other hand, spent some time in a great book store - stocking up on reading material - running some much needed errands, fueling the diesel for Wednesday's departure for Yuma, and general goofing off (like reading long unread blogs, catching up on unanswered email, and also catching up on just plain reading.  I had planned to golf but after waiting for well over 40 minutes at one golf course for a single, twosome or threesome to head out with, most golfers that came in were in foursomes or they were with their cronies and hardly needed a young whipper snapper along for the round.  I moved on.

I have a few games booked with Hector when we re-connect in Yuma tomorrow afternoon.  Can't wait!!!
On the drive out.
So the ladies left Mesa for Fountain Hills via the 'Bush Highway'.  Stunning scenery is all around in the Sonora Desert.  It was a bit cloudy....but they could still see the 'Four Peaks', the 'Superstition' and 'McDowell' mountains in the distance.

They stopped at Saguaro Lake for a boat cruise on the 'Desert Belle'. 
The marina.
The 'Desert Belle'
Surrounded by spectacular mountain scenery - with Saguaro cacti dotting the lake shore - these tourists  really enjoyed their time together.

L-R  Ione, Annalia & Jeanette

After the cruise, it was time for lunch @ the Euro Pizza Cafe, on Saguaro Boulevard, overlooking the 'Fountain in the Desert'.  This fountain shoots up well over 500 feet, every hour, on the hour.
Looking outside from the Euro Pizza Cafe.
Nice '55 Chevy convertible.
Euro Pizza Cafe.....!  Received great reviews by our tourists.
Famous fountain
Another view - one hour later.
In their quest to find some wildlife (the four legged kind...and one bird), this was all they could come up with!!!!
Nice silhouette against the fountain.

Looking for a bear hug????
I want to 'fly like an eagle'....till I'm free.....
Following a great day in the Fountain Hills area, Jeanette took these panoramic shots of the areas to the west and to the south/southeast.

Residential area in the hills.

Sunset in the desert north east of Phoenix.
So....it was another glorious day in the Sonora desert, surrounded by stunning scenery, shared with good friends.

A few more shots of the Fountain Hills area.

So.....with a bad case of hitch itch, we leave Mesa for Yuma tomorrow - Wednesday.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. the fountain hills area looks lovely!..thanks for the tour!!!..

  2. That cruise on the lake looked like fun - and interesting too. Thanks for the tour of the area and the great photos!

    I had the same kind of day as you, just goofing off around here.