Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Street Fair / Friends / House Chores

Street Fair in Palm Desert.
The "Inka Kings".
Sunday saw us attend a large street fair in Palm Desert.  This fair is held every Saturday and Sunday and attracts thousands of people. The banter of sellers, smells of food wafting in the air and the sounds of music draw thousands and thousands of people to this outdoor event.  Located at the College of the Desert in Palm Desert, it's a fun event to witness.

Hard to ignore a date shake, once you've tasted one.
Foods of all types.
We ordered a date shake and sat down for the entertainment; watching two Spanish fellas with guitars and flutes.  The  "Inka Kings" are extremely talented musicians.  It was a pleasant way to spend an hour or so.
Wonderful entertainment.
We left the market area for  a get together with friends and golf buddies from our home area of White Rock / Langley, BC.
Nice view from Fred and Pat's winter home - away from home.

Very hot afternoon - visiting and enjoying the golf action.
We left the street fair and arrived @ 2:00 pm to enjoy an afternoon of banter and laughs while enjoying the wonderful scenery on this golf course resort in Palm Desert. Fred and I belong to a mens' golf group - known as SNAKE Golf  - for the past many, many years, in White Rock, BC.  Each player has an assigned venomous snake name.  It's a fun group of guys.
Fred is busy discussing the golf games he has tee'd up for us to play.
Pat shares her thoughts about golf, hiking and other activities one can partake in while in this area.
We enjoyed watching the golfers tee off in front of us while enjoying the shade and libations on the covered deck @ the Portola Country Club.

Nice evening shot taken @ Portola Country Club, Palm Desert.
Pat and Fred - with the club house in the background.  Thank you for a wonderful afternoon and great hospitality.

When evening struck we said our 'thank yous' and 'see you later'.  Fred and I are golfing today....and it is shaping up to be a breezy and cloudy day.  The winds will be in play during our round.  So....according to the tourism brochure we read, Palm Spring and area has, on average, 360 days of sunshine, every year.  I think today is one of the five days without sun.  It is cloudy as I write this blog....but as many locals will tell you, the winds clear the clouds and the sun quickly returns.  That's been our experience too.

Monday, February 14, 2011 - Jeanette in the galley area.
So yesterday (Monday) was a stay at home kind of day.  It was a day to catch up on much needed chores.  We chose to get some laundry done.  We have the facilities on board to do this.
Although we sort of cleaned up a bit, there was not a lot to do...and it only took a few minutes to bring order to the rig.  With the washer and dryer at work, Jeanette and I spent most of our time reading, futzing around the rig, checking the Internet for email and sites of interest and, later in the day, we did a short run to the grocery store for necessary staples.

Paulette and Rick
At 4:30 pm, Paulette and Rick, from the Cowichan/Duncan area of BC,   Rick & Paulette's RV Travels  came by our 5'er for a visit.  This was our second occasion to get together since our first meeting a few days back.  It was an enjoyable late afternoon exchange of banter and laughter.  They mentioned the idea of organizing a bar-b-q in the coming days - possibly with another Canadian RV couple in the Sand RV and Golf Resort.  That will be something to look forward to.

After Paulette and Rick left for their home on wheels, Jeanette and I settled in for a quiet evening of reading and TV news before calling it a day.

Thanks for dropping by.

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  1. Thanks again for inviting Paulette and I over for a visit yesterday afternoon - we had a great time and really enjoyed chatting with you and Jeanette.

    The COD Street Fair is definitely something that all visitors here should experience at least once!