Sunday, February 13, 2011

Blogger Friends / My 'STAR' has been found / Around & About.

We chose yesterday to hangout in the Sands RV & Golf Resort.  It was a beautiful day.  We relaxed, walked around, nosed in on other bloggers and reacted pleasantly when we were advised that my 'star' on the walk of fame (could be shame too) was found.

This a very small photo file....but it's clearly my name.
Blog reader - and good friend - Sue T. read our recent blog - on the subject of me searching the Walk of Fame, in downtown Palm Springs, for my *STAR*.  Having just returned to the coast from a trip to Las Vegas, it appears that she found my star.  My *STAR* is not in Palm Springs.  It seems to have been found in Las Vegas.  It must be on the 'Walk of Shame'....being Lost Wages and all!!!!  She never did say where she shot this photo.

Good fun....and thanks for sleuthing and scouting the Las Vegas strip, Sue!!!!

Our RV & Golf Resort - early morning shots.
Typical neighbourhood in the park.
Lagoon in our park - with the San Jacinto Mountains in the background.
With over 100 golf courses, 600 tennis courts and 30,000 swimming pools, this area also boasts 360 days of sunshine.  And the sunshine has clearly been an experience we really appreciate since our arrival here.  The sunny days are invigorating.  Nice hot days and cool nights makes for the perfect 24 hours - in our view.

Very nice 9 hole golf course right at our door step.
Good layout.
Uhmmm....should I or shouldn't I get my golf clubs?
Having chosen to spend the day in the park, we wanted to drop by to visit with Rick & Paulette, RV'ers from Vancouver Island and web bloggers too.  We had met Rick  a few days earlier.  We wanted to meet Paulette  and get to know them better.  Rick has an RV'ing blog on the WEB that is widely read and followed.  Paulette's blog - on and about quilting - is widely read too.  We started reading Rick's blog at least one year prior to the start of our journey, this past January.
Paulette and Rick @ their 5th wheel.
Our two hour visit went by quickly.  We felt really comfortable with them.  It was as though we had known them for a longer period of time.  We talked at great length about RV'ing, their experience, the good - the bad, and the merits of RV living.  It's a pretty darned good lifestyle.  We shared several laughs and they gave us some good ideas on places to see and things to do in the area.

It's clear that Rick and Paulette enjoy their lifestyle.  They are relaxed, engaging, knowledgeable and a really interesting couple.  Jeanette and I were thrilled to have gotten together with them.  That we will do again, this Monday afternoon, when Rick and Paulette come over to our RV site. We look forward to that.

Following our visit, Jeanette and I continued our walk about.  We headed for the pool area and sat around for a while - reading.

Truly enjoy these palm trees.
Continuing with our walkabout, the above are some of the other photos we took along the way.  We headed back to our home on wheels and relaxed with more reading, some dinner and a bit of TV before calling it a day.

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. If I had known that you truly had a 'star' I would have definitely had the 'red carpet' out yesterday for your visit!

    Thanks for dropping by, Paulette and I really enjoyed our chat and getting to know you Jeanette. We're looking forward to seeing you Monday afternoon!

  2. what a perfect day at Sands! great that you met Rick and Paulette..they are on our list of 'must meets'!!