Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The legal beagle has landed

This is the plan for today.......but, I digress!
Jeanette went on an incredible hike to Painted Canyon yesterday....and WOW!...what a day.  That blog tomorrow....cause there is just too much to say and photos to show on today's blog.
For those who want an advanced preview of Jeanette's great hiking adventure yesterday, click on these two links below for another point of view and check back in tomorrow for the whole scoop .....from her perspective.
RV Life On Wheels
Monday dinner with my cousin  Madeleine, and husband Walter, in Palm Desert.
Monday was spent goofing around, running a few errands and visiting with my cousin and her husband.  They hail from Edmonton, Alberta...but spend a fair bit of winter time here in Palm Desert.  They called about getting together....and that we did this past Sunday.
In the condo off El Paseo Drive, Palm Desert.
It was last September - while we were in Edmonton- that we had lunch and a visit with them both.  It was nice to see them again.  As usual, Madeleine was relentless with laughter and banter.  We all contributed to colouring our lives, those of our kids, business, travel and so on.

Beautiful re-design and renovation on this condo.
This 40 + year old development has been transformed into modern living accommodations.  The grounds are beautifully manicured....but the space between buildings is unlike present day developments where everything is crowded in.  The grounds here are wide...and the trees bare fruit.
The result of their actions, following only a few minutes of skulking in the dark outdoors.

Showing of their fruit...or the fruit of their labour?????
Following a wonderful Italian dinner out at a nearby restaurant, we returned to their place for some coffee and more banter.
Very modern kitchen.

Our gracious hosts.  Thanks for a wonderful evening!
Late in the evening we exchanged good byes....and we headed back to our RV & Golf Resort in Desert Hot Springs.

Tuesday was going to be a busy day with Jeanette off on a hike with these two RV bloggers  

I did not join the hike since I was preparing to meet a good friend at the Palm Springs airport.  The legal beagle from White Rock, BC, was slated to arrive @ 10:28 am.  The flight was on time.

Sharing a wee dram in the mid-afternoon shade of the 5th wheel.
We grabbed the golf bag from the luggage carousel and headed back to our RV park for some lunch and chat.  We had a 1:28 pm tee time on our Golf resort 9 hole course.  It was billed as a warm up to the big resort courses we'll be playing in the coming days with a White Rock golfing friend who also winters in the desert. 

Après quench our thirst.
Following our round  - and the 25 cent tour of the resort facilities - Rick and I returned to our fiver to find Jeanette basking in the sun.  From the smile on her face we knew she had a nice story to share about her day climbing ladders in Painted Canyon.  Here's a photo teaser of what you will see and read about in tomorrow's blog......Jeanette's her own words!!!
For Jeanette and her hiking colleagues, this is just a sample of what they faced during their 4 hour hike.
Much needed relaxation....and a well deserved break from the just what that smile expresses!
With evening falling on us, we lit the bar-b-q, did up some chicken, and enjoyed a relaxing dinner indoors.
Rick is catching up on some of the recent blogs he missed - including the one on Pioneertown with reference to his visit in the desert.  
After dinner, Rick was fast at the computer catching up on activities in his office while Jeanette wrote about her day in her diary.

This story will be transposed to a BLOG you just may want to plan a return visit.
The drive into Desert Dunes Golf & Country Club where Fred K., Rick C. and I will spend the better part of this afternoon.....trimming the grass with our golf clubs.
While Rick, Fred and I work on our golf game, Jeanette will be taking in 'The Follies', in its 20th year @ The Plaza Theatre - a Spanish Revival theatre, opened in 1936, in downtown Palm Springs.

Wishing you a good day.  Thanks for dropping in.


  1. Looks like yesterday was a great day all around what with your friend arriving, a game of golf and then a nice dinner at home. Not to mention Jeanette's hike as well. Looking forward to reading Jeanette's story tomorrow.

  2. thanks for sharing your great day!..nothing like time well spent!..can't wait to read about Jeannette's version of Ladder Canyon!!