Thursday, February 3, 2011

Yuma surroundings and visit with brother and wife.

On ramp from Highway 60 to Highway 10 south - AZ
We left Mesa early yesterday morning for Yuma.  It was really cold when we awoke and, wondering why there was no heat in our rig, I discovered that the power was off in the RV resort.  WHERE'S MY COFFEE?????  OK, I'll start the generator!!!

 So...when the power kicked back on  - for a few minutes before blacking out again - coffee was made and we got to work closing up and readying to head south and west.

Driving through Maricopa.....south of Chandler, AZ
The outdoor temperature gauge in our truck did not register higher than about 44 degrees till we got closer to Yuma.  The temperature zoomed up to a balmy 50 degrees.  But....the heat is going to hit tomorrow and increase considerably into the coming weekend.  YIPPEE!!!!!

Tumbleweeds blowing in the wind.
We dodged a few tumbleweeds along the way but, by and large, the wind was beneficial.  Blowing from the north east, it pushed us westward towards Yuma.

Farm and feed lot along I-8
Our goal was to back into a great private lot where our friends Hector, Diane and their great dog, Chico, were parked.  We arrived in Yuma near mid-afternoon.

Getting closer.
So we entered the valley from the mountains to the east and instantly knew we were in the Imperial Valley - land of green.
Farming - of all types - is prevalent in this valley.
With good directions, we approached our parking site.  Hector and Chico were on the road waiting to guide us in.

Backing in.
Plenty of depth
Almost there.
So with  Hector, and our gracious host Wade's directions, we were quickly placed, unhitched, leveled and ready to open the slides before enjoying a mid-aftrnoon visit.

The bike had to come off before opening the slides
OK...we're done with the set up.  Now....for some catching up.

Awesome dinner prepared by Diane and Hector and hosted by Wade and Ulli.
L-R  Ulli, me, Wade, Hector and Diane.
We shared some great laughs and got into some discussion on future activities....such as golf and a visit to Algadones.
Early evening view from outside our 5th wheel.
Beautiful casita home next door - home to our gracious hosts.
Their garden.
After calling it a night, we headed to our fiver and settled in.  We are to visit with my brother, Bernie and his wife, Rita, on Thursday.  They have been snowbirding in this area for the past decade.
Entrance to my brother's 5* resort onThursday.
Their beautiful park model.
They towed a 5th wheel for several years to this RV resort.  A couple of years back they chose to purchase and set up a park model.

René, Rita and Bernie in the sunny west side of their lot.
 Very well appointed.
The interior is very nicely laid out.  The space is most functional and suits their lifestyle well.
  What is also unique about this park is that each owner owns his/her lot.  Most other RV Resort parks are rented by the tennants.

Notice any resemblance?  We sat in for a while then moved outdoors as the temperatures improved.
We shared some good laughs, got caught up on our respecitive familes then planned for dinner out and discussed other activities in the coming days.

Their beautiful back yard.
Equally beautiful and functional front yard.
As evening approached we headed for a nice dinner out then returned to their home where we talked more before calling it a night with a promise to meet again on Friday evening for another dinner out with them, their friends and our friends.
Nice bouquet of cacti.
Clearly a great RV Resort.
So it was a very nice day in Yuma and a fun day with my brother and his wife. Thanks for the great day and dinner out too.  Most enjoyable.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Glad you got through the wind OK, I am thinking if you were heading south on I-10 yesterday we passed you going north into Chandler. Sure looked like your great setup anyway.

  2. Glad you made it Yuma safely and got the rig all parked and secured.

    Your brother and his wife sure have a beautiful home in that RV Resort. Interesting that they actually own the property too.

    Have a great time at dinner this evening, I'll probably be sitting in Los Angeles freeway traffic after picking up my daughter at LAX!

  3. sounds like a great start to your visit in Yuma!..have fun with everyone!!

  4. We have boon docked near Yuma the past few years & took a liking to the area. Hang onto that warm weather for us because we may be blowing through there before too long on our way to Borrego Springs in California....