Monday, February 7, 2011

Yuma Foothills - Good visits - Golf = A Mixed Bag

This is the site of our temporary Yuma,AZ location.
It has been a busy couple of days here in the foothills area of the Imperial Valley near Yuma.  The photo above is where our home on wheels is located on the right side, with our friends, Hector and Diane, on the left.  It's a great location.  We invited my brother and sister in law to join us in the late afternoon for some aperitifs and a dinner of ribs and fresh vegetables.

Hector and Diane joined in to assist with dinner preparations.....and dinner too.

We set up some tables under the roof of the casita and enjoyed a warm evening followed by a beautiful sunset.
This was our last opportunity to visit with my brother and sister in law.  Although they winter here, they were leaving - with friends of theirs - for a four day road trip to Los Angeles and area.  We leave the Imperial Valley for the Palm Springs area on Tuesday.

It was an evening of fun, laughs and great food. Jeanette caught these nice sunset shots.

While Hector and Bernie were exchanging ideas, Rita got busy with washing the dinner dishes.  Cannot keep that girl away.  She always feels the need to chip in and help out.  Thanks Rita.
Solving the world's problems?  Is that possible?
Just could not keep this girl away from the dishes and cleaning up.
On Sunday morning, Hector and I took my truck and headed off for our 18 holes of golf.  A great weather day. Jeanette and Diane had plans to visit a public market and do some looky loo shopping.
Arriving @ Mesa del Sol golf course.  Looks OK!
Hector at the ready.
We had been looking forward to this golf round but we're quickly disappointed by the condition of the golf course and the slowness in the pace of play.  They over load this course.  The playing conditions were nothing to write home about.  We were told that this was a quality golf course but it's clearly not anywhere near 'quality'.  We enjoyed our day though and made the best of it.

Pretty area next to the golf course.  They don't seem to use any of this water - or any water for that matter - to keep the golf course in any reasonable condition.
Après golf had Diane and Jeanette organize a simple bar-b-q with veggies while we all relaxed outdoors on another beautiful evening.
Our lovely host (and lot owner) joined us during the half time break in the Super Bowl.  Ulli (in the yellow shirt) is a Canadian citizen who owns this lot and the lot next door that houses their winter abode.
I took this shot below in anticipation (or as a reminder) that Monday mid-morning is when we will join another neighbour, Larry (from Swift Current Saskatchewan),  on a motorcycle ride through the valley.  Photos of this ride will be featured in our next blog.

After this shot, we called it a night.
As I write this blog, it's early morning here in the Yuma, AZ, area and it's shaping up to be a lovely, warm and sunny day.  Jeanette and I are looking forward to a nice motorcycle ride in the area.

Leaving you with a few more photos of the area.  Wishing you all a great day.


  1. Another great desert day with your family and friends. Too bad about the golf course but it didn't seem to affect your day that's for sure.

    Great sunset photos too!

  2. nice work on the sunset pictures!...looks like you are all having a fabulous time!!.even doing the dishes looks like fun!!