Tuesday, October 4, 2011

.....STUFF OF LATE.....

Mt. Baker, Washington State, as seen from near our home in Canada.
Between rains, these past few days, Jeanette and I spent some time in our back yard moving trees, removing dead or near dead ones (there were three of those) and generally shaping it to Jeanette's vision. This will continue to be a work in progress in the coming months and years.
One tree moved from where the new shed will go, to another special place in the yard.
The crane truck firm that we retained to move the shed - from 20 miles away  - to our yard, came by to survey one more time.  It will take some careful planning and even more careful driving on the part of the truck driver/operator to remove and place the shed in our back yard.  Stay tuned for that!
I took a load of dead trees, pruned limbs, and general refuse, to the local recycling and transfer station.
We have a great recycling and trash transfer station near by.  I am amazed at how organized and clean this facility is.
During a late afternoon walk in our neighbourhood, I caught a photo of this retiree flying a kite.  Maybe he took someones advice seriously and agreed to 'go fly a kite!'  And he was really experienced too.  He made that kite do some pretty impressive things.
Fraser Valley farm market....and a great breakfast spot.
It was a bright, sunny, fall day, this past Sunday.  We took advantage to motorcycle out into the Fraser Valley and southeast towards Cultus Lake.  We so often ride by this farm market but we had never stopped in before.  Well, what a gem!  We enjoyed a great $10 breakfast ($5 each), coffee included.  To think that we had cruised by here so many times before but it seemed we were always pressed for time.  Not this time.  Hurray for that!
Cultus Lake in early fall.
What a contrast Cultus Lake was from only four weeks ago.  There were few people on the beach walk...and parking was aplenty.  We counted three boats on the water v. hundreds and hundreds only one month back.
Remember these benches made famous when Vancouver hosted the 1986 World Expo?
This bench brought back wonderful memories of my time spent producing TV programs during the 1986 World's Fair.  These benches can be found dotting many parks around British Columbia.
Peaceful, quiet and serene.
One family taking in the sights.
Several flocks of geese were seen taking flight southward.
What a treat it was for us to walk the beach free of people noises.  With the exception of one boat pulling a skier in the distance, the only sounds were nature oriented.  Geese were taking flight, squirrels were busy preparing for winter, and the local wave runner rental place had two fellas removing dock bumpers and ramps from the dock.  We pretty much had the place to ourselves.
The Apple Barn - Farm
On the way back from Cultus Lake, Jeanette wanted to drop in to the Apple Barn.  It is located in south Abbotsford, near the USA border. I had not been there before....but I sure wish I had.  What a gem for kids of all ages.  Jeanette took our kids here when they were little. It's open to the public on weekends and open only to school groups during the week.
With pumpkin season in full swing, the fall event was not to be missed.
This is an operating apple farm with a corn maze, petting zoo, a juice making facility, pony rides, air bag jumping facility, hay rides, apple orchard for apple picking, and just a fantastic place for families to enjoy the great outdoors while taking in the country flavour.
Kids could pick and weigh the pumpkins they wanted to buy and take home.

I checked in on the goats and lambs, bunnies, pot bellied pigs, and more.
Jeanette checked out the cider and juice making facility on site.  Very interesting!
There were hundreds of vehicles in the parking and overflow too!  The farm has no shortage of wagons to haul kids and farm produce.
I was pleasantly surprised to find hundreds of families taking in the outdoor fun this place provides.  It's free too!  Other than minimal charges for pony rides and the giant airbag jumping facility, this place affords a superb outdoor experience.  Kids can buy a bag and fill it up with any of the six or more varieties of apples.  They can work their way through a superb corn maze, pet the goats, lambs and miniature ponies, taste the free apple juice samples, run, jump, play or relax in a lively outdoor setting.

How amazing to me that I did not hear any kids crying!  I sure heard a lot of laughing and hooting though!  This place is far too distracting for kids to cry.  It offers far too much fun.  I didn't see any stressed out parents either.
No shortage of food stuffs.
How nice to enjoy a fresh corn on the cob, popcorn, hot dogs, mini doughnuts and more!...or mom and dad could bring a lunch and sit at any of the numerous picnic tables provided.

I couldn't pass up some healthy foods.  I purchased a bag of freshly made mini doughnuts!!!! Sure tasted great!  I cannot remember the last time I had mini-doughnuts....but it's certainly been many, many years!  I made up for that!
Not surprising to me, I followed Jeanette as she headed off into one field and, sure enough, she found a pumpkin patch.  I'm sure she was pondering how we could get one of these back home on the motorcycle.
Pick your pumpkin!
Entrance to the corn maze.
The wooden structure above is an elevated goat run.
This giant air bag jumping place was very popular.
All of this fall stuff had me thinking about heading to the US southwest...!   We have twelve plus weeks before that will happen.  Sure would love to leave earlier though!  We have too many events and activities planned - including Christmas.  Maybe next fall?  January 2012 cannot come soon enough though!

Thank your for dropping by.


  1. On your way to Cultus Lake you must have passed Vedder Crossing. I lived there for 4 years, from 1974 to 1978. I could have stayed there forever. I wanted to continue to live in BC but my X was in the military and we got transferred, once again. This time to, now wait for it, Chibougamau, Quebec. What a contrast!!!!!

  2. I stayed in the Provincial Park at Cultus Lake when one of my sons and I came to watch the other one perform at Expo 86.

  3. Looks like a great market place. Nice to see all the pumpkins too.

    I don't think we've ever been to Cultus Lake but after seeing your pictures we'll have to give it a look!

  4. another great day trip in 'our neighbourhood'!!