Sunday, December 23, 2012

Readying The Fiver....

With our December 29th departure date fast approaching, it was time to unlock the gates, hitch up and pull the 5th wheel onto the front driveway. 

Once unhitched, leveled and plugged into 30 amp shore power, two heaters were set up to warm the interior.
It is always a relief when the slides open without any sign of problems.
Now the process of re-organizing the storage bins and loading our stuff begins in earnest.  It's nice to have a few advance days to casually work on sorting things out and to perform systems checks.

Our daughter, Ginette was performing at one of Canada's largest Christmas stores.  She joined her former music producer, Ron Irving   Starbird Music Inc. | Home of Ron Irving, Sueco Publishing, and Boutique Records.  to sing some Christmas favourites.  For several years, Ginette focused on her singer/songwriting/recording career.
Performing at the Potters' Christmas Store, Surrey, BC.
She performed nationally and internationally - including for the US/Canadian Joint Armed Forces in Afghanistan, on war ships, in Egypt, the Arctic and more. She recorded a few CD's too.The following link will include a brief video of Ginette performing one song at the Christmas store. Ginette Biro  

Now married to Trevor, and mom to 8 month old Easton, Ginette is more focussed on her Kineseology  career but it is always a draw to perform when the opportunity presents.  Kinesiology - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Exterior entrance - Potters Christmas Store, Surrey, BC.
What a beautiful store!  Anything involving Christmas is available here.  It is beautifully set up.
Hmmmm, is this a sign that Jeanette will want to make some purchases?
How would this look out on the front yard?
Stuff.....and this is just one teeny weeny sample of the stuff that is available for sale.
Jeanette with our daughter during a break.
Once that performance was over, we chatted up a few folks we know who were in the store before heading back home.  Jeanette got busy with more baking while I began preparing the 'must do' list in preparation for rolling south.

With only a few days to the big celebration, Jeanette and I take this opportunity to wish all of our blog readers a very Merry Christmas.  We wish you all a most fulfilled and rewarding 2013.

Thanks for dropping by.         


  1. Hi Rene, I was looking forward to watching and listening to Ginette sing but the link didn't work telling me the 'content was currently unavailable' - I'm guessing it's not made public??

    Pretty amazing Christmas stuff for sale.

    We're leaving on the 29th as well - if you're heading down I-5 hopefully we'll meet up along the way.

    We'll be at Seven Feathers on the 30th for sure.

    Merry Christmas to you, Jeanette and your entire family!!

  2. Merry Christmas to both of you too. The link also wouldn't work for me either.
    We were planning on leaving the 27th, but the weather forecast isn't looking very good, so may have to postpone a day or so.
    Drive safe..all the best.

  3. I did edit the blog to change the video link. Sure hope it now works.

  4. Merry Christmas to you and your family. Are you heading to Arizona? Safe travels.

  5. We will be in the Phoenix area - Gold Canyon, more specifically - from February 1 through the 14th. It would be fun to get together.

  6. just watched the 'Just Hero's' video! your daughter is amazing!
    happy holidays to you and your family!!

  7. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and yours Rene. The link sent me to her Face Book Page. lol


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  9. WE wish you and your family a Merry Christmas. Thanks for sharing the Facebook link.

  10. Merry Christmas, Safe travelling and Happy and Prosperous new Year.