Monday, February 18, 2013

Enjoying the Great Yuma Weather.

Our stay in Yuma, these past four days, has delivered some very nice weather.  No complaints on that front.  We have walked around our neighbourhood, visited with fellow RV friends and taken some short motorcycle rides.
Our Yuma Foothills neighbourhood.
We like the Foothills area.  It is organized and clean.  We are settled in to the newer and more modern area, east from the older developments.  There is a mix of RV's and lovely homes.  It is unique as far as developments go.  We have not seen any other residential mix that comes close to this idea. We'll feature more photos in the coming days.
Well organized streets - with plenty of cacti, flowers and trees -  offer a surround view of the mountains to the north and east.
The view from our 5th wheel picture window - facing east.  It is a very private site.
Yesterday we rode out to old town - downtown - Yuma. There is a regular Sunday market and it offers live entertainment too.  We recalled the fine live music on one occasion last year and yesterday did not disappoint.    Tourists were entertained by a talented blues band. 
Finding sun or shade, many tourists were attracted to the band.
We took in the show for, an hour or so, then moseyd around the downtown area before heading off in search of my brother and his wife.  They were not at home so we left a written note.

One example of the many downtown  Yuma flora.
Sister in law, Rita, and my brother, Bernie, did call us last evening.  They lead busy social lives down here.  That is understandable given their 15 years of wintering in this area. We'll be getting together today.

Following our ride into Algadones, Mexico, this morning, we will drop by their place on our way back.
Photo taken from our RV site in the Yuma Foothills, last night.
Other RV friends have arrived into our area and we're certain to get together in the days ahead. 

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. Looked like a nice way to spend Sunday in Yuma. Will be looking forward to seeing more of your photos of the area. Enjoy your ride to Algadones.

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  3. Looks like a great site, glad you are enjoying your time in Yuma!

  4. I love Yuma when the weather is good and it looks like it is great!

    No hamburger at Lutes Casino yet?

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  6. Looks like you're set up for another month of fun!

  7. Love the area around Yuma, almost always great weather and lots to do.

  8. It's always been intriguing to me as to how the Foothills area of Yuma accommodates RVers in their neighbourhoods - that's pretty amazing.

    It's blowing pretty hard here in Desert Hot Springs this morning, I'll be interested to hear how you made out in Yuma!

  9. Hi Guys. Thank you for leaving a comment on our blog.

    I am starting an overdue maintenance job on the roof, then we have a couple of road trips planned.

    But, we want to visit with you again, so will give you a call !!

    Take care ... TnT