Friday, February 22, 2013

This 'n That in Yuma....

It is shaping up to be a beautiful day here in the Yuma Foothills.  Following a couple days of cool, breezy weather - with an hour of rain - the regular temperatures are set to return.  Yea to that!
Early morning sunrise, Thursday, Feb. 21, 2013
While Tucson and Gold Canyon had snow on the ground, we escaped that here in Yuma.  You guessed it!  We were golfing, while the PGA WGC Accenture March Play tournament was halted due to snow in Marana, AZ, 20 miles north and west of Tucson.  Marana, AZ - Official Website
Hole No.1 @ Las Barrancas GC - readying to Tee-off 
Hector at the ready with his steady driver.
Although it was cool - and we were dressed in layers - the breezy Wednesday conditions did not deter our resolve to play 18 holes.  Within two golf holes, one layer of clothing was removed and we golfed our round in decent conditions.  We were joined by Dieter - who lives in the San Fransisco area - for the round.  A fun round it was!
Nice view towards the mountains
While Hector and I busied ourselves with golf, Diane and Jeanette were in Algodones, Mexico, running some errands.  They purchased some fresh shrimp, from the Sea of Cortez.  With fresh vegetables, we were in for a scrumptious dinner.
The goods for dinner.
Hmmm.....looking forward to this shrimp dinner.
Hector and Diane joined us for the outdoor food fare...and what a great meal it was.  To enjoy a fresh outdoor meal, after a round of golf, rates a 10 on any scale!

Oh, so good!
 With the outdoor fireplace lit, to ward off the early evening desert chill, we enjoyed this tasty meal.
Our outdoor fireplace is being put to good use, so far this winter. 
Diane and Jeanette - joined by Trena - were planning a Thursday of activities, starting with a craft fair in Yuma. I, on the other hand, had a long list of RV things to look after.  It began with re-filling our drinking water container, getting one propane tank refilled, dropping by an RV supplies facility for a few needed items and returning to wash the windows and complete some minor maintenance stuff.

I continued to check in on the PGA golf matchplay happening only 3.5 hours east from us, in Marana, AZ.  Some top class golfers were eliminated; including Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy.
This works great to take the chill off. Chico, Hector and Diane's  Portuguese Water Dog enjoys the heat too.
L-R   Trena, Jeanette, Rita (my brother's wife) and Diane.
The craft fair was being held at the Country Roads RV Resort - my brother and sister in law's RV spot - and the group met there first.
If this photo is to be believed, it was a well attended event.
I'll reserve comment on these outfits!
I do know that what Jeanette is holding in her hands is a very close facsimile of something she sewed for our grandson, Easton. 
Following the craft fair, the girls drove back into Algodones.  Diane had some follow up directives to pass on to an artist who is creating a painting for her.  They dropped Jeanette back to our site, late yesterday afternoon.  By all accounts, they had a great day, out and about.

With the breeze and clouds moving in and out of the valley here, these past couple of days, the outdoor temperature called for sweaters, on and off, all day long.  The temperature didn't get past 66 degrees, yesterday, but the promise of hotter temperatures today bodes well for some outdoor activities.  We'll report on that in the days ahead.

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  1. Looks like your weather is not to bad now, at least no snow there.
    Alwaya something to keep you busy like cooking supper, looks wonderful!

  2. You and Jeanette continue to pack a lot of great activities into each and every day.

    That shrimp looked awesome!

    Great looking day here in Palm Springs too this morning - sunny and NO WIND!!

  3. Beautiful sunrise picture you captured. Good to hear that you guys avoided the snow and enjoyed a day out on the links. Sure some nice looking shrimp the girls brought home. I see your putting the Weber to good use also. Well good to see that the fun just keeps going on, what a great winter for you both. Chico has the right idea and looks like he's enjoying the party. Glad your getting to spend sometime with brother too!

  4. Some of our Canadian friends owned a lot in Country Roads. Looks as if you guys are enjoying the Yuma area.

  5. Pass the camerones, por favor! You got out of Gold Canyon just in time. Poor Rod and Sylvia!