Friday, March 29, 2013

A Drive, Art, Old Town, Green Grass, Water & Wildlife!

The slug line, above, is a linear way to colour the past couple of days, in the beautiful Palm Springs area, under blue skies and great weather.
Readying for the drive.....
Wednesday was dedicated to driving Highway 74 - by El Paseo Drive (the expensive Palm Desert shopping district) - and up through the switchback road, over the San Jacinto Mountains, on our way into Anza, CA, and points further west.
Heading south on I-74
Diane (whom we called Mariette Andretti - Andretti being the famous race car drivers family) drove the switchback highway and managed to keep us safe.
A break  was taken at this wonderful vista that overlooks the Palm Springs/Palm Desert/Indio and Coachella Valley.
We took a bit of a break to enjoy the vista of the valley below and to allow Chico a chance to get some exercise.
A couple of golf courses could be seen from our vantage point.
Chico (the Portuguese Water Dog) was just as interested in having a look at the valley below.

Continuing along the route, towards Temecula, CA,  we saw these horses jumping over the cars...!
If they look real, they should.  This scene is gripping.  The artist who molds and welds the steel to make these horses is clearly talented.
Awesome view.....and a great distraction.
We knew that the stagecoach was not far from here.  Jeanette and I had been through this area before but, for Hector and Diane, this was all new to them.  The stagecoach, by the side of the highway, brought us to a stop.  
It is impressive metal and art work that had us transfixed on the intricate detail.
This is nothing short of marvelous!
That an artist can not only capture the reality of life size art, but can also shape, mold and weld it, with such detail, is stunning!   We spent a fair bit of time admiring the scene.
The stagecoach scene is only a few miles southeast from Temecula, on route 74.  I doubt that anyone who recognizes talent for the arts could not appreciate the brilliance it takes to produce these life size pieces.
Arriving into Old Town Temecula.
This historic town is a great place to visit.  It was our choice for a lunch break.  Once we had satisfied our food cravings, we walked the entire town.  There is something to see and to learn about this place.
Wednesday was a better day to play tourist.  Weekends are busy.  There was room to park and it was easier to navigate the streets and boardwalks.  This was our third visit here and we'll consider weekdays over weekends for future ones too.
A few hours after walking the Old Town Temecula, we loaded up the sport ute and headed north on I-15, towards the exit to Highway 79, north, and towards Hemet, CA.
I-79 north....towards Beaumont, CA, and soon to join I-10
Before long, we were on  I-10 heading east for the Palm Springs area.  We knew we were close when we saw Mt. San Jacinto (snow covered) and the thousands of wind generating electrical towers in the valley.
It was a fun day spent guiding Hector and Diane around a region of southern California they had not seen before.

Yesterday saw Hector and I re-join Fred, once again, for a day of surfing the green grass of Mountain View, Sun City Golf Resort, to enjoy another 18 holes, surrounded by palm trees, waterfalls and ponds.
Ah yes,.....such beauty......sculpted in the sand.
Throw a little bit of water on grass seed and it's amazing to see what happens on sandy soil.  The golf courses here are beautiful - pure and simple.
I caught a photo of Fred taking a photo.....
A couple of posterity photos taken, we gathered our golf tools, loaded the power carts and rode off to our starting tee-off hole.
Fred and I
Water, water, everywhere......but not a drop to drink  (certainly not this recycled water)!  Anyone remember the 'Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner'?
I always appreciate the sculpting and landscape architecture used to design and build these desert golf courses.  Sand is moved, cement is poured, rocks are placed, flower beds are built and - with lots of labour to maintain them - these awesome grounds become works of art and beauty.  This golf resort included many lakes, ponds and waterfalls.
Simply stunning!
Unknown to us, when the Tee-time was booked, our 11:00 start was to be a 'shot gun' start.  It meant that 144 golfers headed for their assigned golf hole, to start their round at 11:00 am precisely.
It proved to be a great day on the links.
A final photo for the golfing or horticulture aficionados out there in blog land.
Our round completed found us back at the club house for the customary 19th hole.  A well earned brew was enjoyed, in the great outdoors, while enjoying the little fella below who kept running around, from table to table, looking for handouts.
I love to watch the roadrunners.  It is one of Jeanette's favorite birds; mine too I might add!
I managed to capture these shots but it took many attempts to do this.  These roadrunners seldom stay still.
That was our last round of golf here for this winter season.  The clubs are packed away.  They'll return to play once we get back home.

This afternoon will see two couples join us for a typical RV visit and barbecue.  Rick and Paulette  Rick & Paulette's RV Travels  will be driving a couple of miles east form their spot at the Sands RV and Golf Resort to join Allen and Lolita -  Allen & Lolita's RV Journey - who are arriving at the Caliente' Hot Springs and RV Resort today - at our site for what should be a fun afternoon and evening.  The weather is great, the invited company even greater and we look forward to sharing it all with interested bloggers in the days ahead.

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. Sounds like a wonderful day, enjoy your BBQ this afternoon!

  2. Love the artwork...we must have missed it when we were up there. Where was all the snow at the top of the mountains?

  3. Nice Pics, and a good day spent with friends. Tell Rick that I enjoy his blog!

  4. How in the NAME OF SAM HILL did you get those roadrunners to stand still? I have taken about 100 roadrunner pics this winter alone, and every single one is blurry!
    One of them has even started sticking out it's tongue at me as it runs by.
    What's your secret? SPILL!

  5. Great photos and tour of the drive to Temecula! In all our travels in this area over the years, we've somehow missed that impressive stagecoach sculpture. It's now on my list!

    Wonderful shots of the Roadrunners - amazing.

    Thanks again for a wonderful dinner and evening Rene and Jeanette - we enjoyed it very much. And a special thanks to Jeanette for the beautiful quilt gift to Paulette - she just loves it.

  6. Such a fun afternoon and evening when fellow bloggers get together, for good food and conversation.

  7. What a great batch of photos! We passed near Temecula a couple of times on our southern trips but never saw the horses or the old town. Thanks to you, next time we go south we will have to explore. Love love love the horses. A favorite friend/sculptor of mine has larger than life horse sculptures overlooking the Columbia River in Vantage Washington. It is called, "Grandfather lets loose the ponies". As you said, these huge sculptures are incredible. David also did the runners in downtown Spokane in Riverfront Park. If you are ever up that way, don't miss them