Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Moving Day

We're heading west and north from Yuma to Desert Hot Springs today (Wednesday).

Installing the Tire Pressure Monitoring System
A month or so ago, we purchased a Tire Pressure Monitoring System.  Yesterday, I installed the sensors and tested the system for the very first time.  We'll get to see how well it works while we roll for three hours, into the Palm Springs country.

All sensors communicated with the in cab monitoring receiver.   We'll report on our experience with this new system in a future blog.
A blooming desert
On one of our final rides in this area, the desert was clearly painted with colour.  The recent rains and high heat have brought the sand to life.
The colour purple is evident.
 We made our way south on Highway 195 towards the small city of San Luis, a border crossing facility for entry to Mexico.  Known as a busy transport truck border crossing, we avoided that area in favour of riding into the downtown core. 

Passenger car border crossing in downtown San Luis.
We took a wee break in the town but there was little of interest for us so we rode along the agricultural route, 95 north.
One of many stores in downtown San Luis.
A unique Post Office (photo below) was seen in the town of Gadsden, north of San Luis and south from Yuma.   It has a strong Mexican flavour.  Although we did not stop in the town, we rode along the  Homeland Security fence that is built to control the illegal border jumpers from entering into the US.

Jeanette captured this photo of the border fence, in the town of Gadsden, AZ.
Another reason for riding into this area was to catch more glimpses of the numerous vegetable farming operations.  We stopped along the highway and captured a few photos of vegetable fields that are ripe for harvesting.
This lettuce field is soon for the picking!
To harvest this crop requires a lot of equipment and even more human labour.  Watching the farm workers at work is interesting.  
We have always been interested in having a look at the Cocopah RV and Golf Resort. 
On our ride north from the Mexican border, we found the road to take us to the Cocopah RV Resort.  It is owned and controlled by the Cocopah Indian Reservation.  It is a nice resort but it has little appeal to Jeanette and I.  The golf course there  has little appeal to me.  It is narrow and short.  I prefer full length, 6000+ yard courses.
Cocopah RV and Golf Resort.
The RV lots are narrow and offer no privacy.  Not our cup of tea....!
No visit to Yuma should conclude without taking in lunch or dinner at Lute's Casino in downtown old Yuma.
After riding for a few hours, a well needed break for lunch was in order.  We chose to head to Lute's Casino.  This place is unique.  It's decor is eclectic.  The food is famous and reasonable.  Beer is cheap!  The place is famous for its milkshakes too.  
We're not sure why Lute's is called a casino when there is no casino.  It's a pub and lunch spot.
We enjoyed our time there before Jeanette suggested we drop in at the John Deere farm implement dealer in Yuma. Why, you ask?  She wanted to check out the toys for little kids.  Although a huge dealer, this facility had few toys to offer compared to the John Deere implement dealers around home.
I did not count the number of tractors at this dealership but it must have been over 60 or 70.  That is a lot of inventory.....and at high retail cost too!
Back at our Yuma Foothills site, Jeanette ran a few loads of laundry and, while doing that, this little Roadrunner came by to visit. Although she took several shots of this wonderful bird, this one features it best.
On the hunt for scrumptious geckos.
We put in  a few hours of work to complete the laundry and pack up most of our stuff, yesterday, in preparation for our drive to Palm Springs today.  That done, we drove to my brother's park, in mid-afternoon, for a final visit and dinner. 
Rita and Jeanette on a walk around the Country Roads RV Resort.
The wonderful dinner had, we all opted for a long walk around this beautiful RV Resort - likely the nicest in the Yuma area.  Bernie and Rita own their lot here and, following several years of towing their 5th wheel, they purchased a park model and completed the development of their site, four years ago.  Their 5th wheel is kept at home in Alberta and used during the summer months.

Back to today, I had better post this and press on with the tasks required to button up the 5th wheel and hitch up for the drive to Desert Hot Springs.

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. Enjoy Desert Hot Springs, we really like the area!

  2. Did I miss it, or did you not say the brand of tire monitoring equipment you chose?

    keep up the good work.


  3. Safe travels and hopefully you will have better luck with your TPMS than we have with ours!

  4. Enjoy your time in DHS. Nice to see the desert blooms like that. I have been in San Luis...neat spot!

  5. Looked like a great ending to your Yuma visit. More fun to come I'm sure in DHS.