Saturday, February 22, 2014

Collage of Family Activities....

What a whirlwind couple of days we've lived of late.  Who could ask for better!  

We got to visit with our grandson Easton (22 months old),  Owen (1 1/2 months old) and, then yesterday, we got to visit with our brand new grand daughter, Brie. What a thrill!
Easton with his new cousin, Owen
Before Courtney and Owen were to fly back to Edmonton, last evening, they did get a visit in with Ginette, Trevor and new baby Brie @ the Langley Hospital.

Early yesterday morning, Jeanette, her sister Deb, Easton and I drove to the hospital for our very first visit with Brie.
Brie at 12 hours old....  She is a real cutie!
As I was preparing to write this blog, this Saturday morning, I received a text message from our daughter Ginette.  They had just been cleared to leave the hospital.  Once Easton awakes - at our home and we're ready to roll - we will deliver him to his house and get to enjoy another visit with our new grand daughter.  

A walk in the park.  Jeanette and Easton found a few sticks to occupy them on their walk.
We have had Easton stay with us while his new sister, mom and dad were busy with child bearing duties.  He has been a wonderful house guest (as always).  We've enjoyed many laughs and fun activities with him.
His Auntie Deb gets to play on Easton's car mat.
We did meet with Courtney and Owen on White Rock Beach the morning of Brie's birth.  We enjoyed some sunny (and windy) time on the beach.  The Pacific waves were rolling......!
We never tire of the sea...
While Jeanette, Deb, Courtney and Owen went for a seaside walk, Easton preferred to  throw rocks in the sea, find some sticks to play with and generally enjoy traipsing in the soft sand and water.  Just what little kids love to do!
White Rock Beach (our home city for 35 years)
Deb, Courtney on the seaside walk way.
Big bear carved from stone.
At the Langley Hospital, we took hundreds of photos - from every conceivable angle - with new baby Brie.  She did not mind.  She did not fuss when we picked her up.  She looks so comfortable and relaxed.  She did get a lot of cuddles! She seemed so comfortable being held by all of us.  What a pleasure to cuddle a new life!
Enjoying the time together.....!   L-R  Deb, Easton, dad Trevor, Jeanette and mom Ginette.
Trevor with his brand new baby girl.....!
So much to be grateful for.....!
Brie is to treasure....and I got to spend some special time with her.
Although visiting and enjoying the time with Brie and her family, we kept an eye on the television and the live broadcast of the Sochi Olympic Men's semi-final hockey game with Canada playing the US for a chance to move up to the final gold medal game on Sunday morning. Canada won!  As I conclude writing this blog, The US Olympic Men's hockey team is battling the Finnish team for the coveted bronze medal.
Auntie Deb with Brie.....! 
Following a good visit with Brie, and her family at their Langley home today, Jeanette and Deb will drive me to the Bellingham Airport, in Washington State, for my planned, mid-afternoon, return flight to Palm Springs.  Jeanette will follow in the days to come.  With an open return ticket, she can best decide on a return date.  She will lend Ginette a hand - along with Trevor's mom, Sandi, who is also visiting and assisting - before returning to the desert.

We look forward to mid-March when baby Owen and his folks, Courtney and Deni, arrive for a one week visit in Palm Springs.   

Do we feel blessed?  Absolutely!

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. What a great week you've had with your family. It sure makes us miss our grandkids.

  2. So much fun family time, now back to Desert Hot Springs for sunshine and warm.

  3. Blessed, indeed! The pictures say it all.

    You have a great family and a beautiful new granddaughter to add to it. It's a great life!

  4. congrats on the new addition to the family!!