Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Pretty Much All About Family....

We've lived a couple of truly exciting and fun days here at home.  I got to meet new grand son Owen, spend a few days visiting with his folks and passing the time on Sunday with the guys (Easton included) while the women 'fèted' (partied at a shower).
Meeting grandson Owen for the very first time....!
What a total pleasure it was to meet and greet Owen, our son and daughter in law's first child.  What a cute and thriving little fella he is. The pleasure was all mine......!
He's a good little baby too.  I'm checking him out while our son Deni looks on.  Proud dad he is....!
We had arrived at Courtney's mom's home (the shower party house) about an hour before the invitees were to shower Courtney and Owen.  We had arranged for a guys day out.
Great pleasure....
Our daughter Ginette arrived for the party and she is one anxious soon to be mom, for the second time.  Her due date is officially today (Tuesday).  She is more than ready to greet her little baby girl.
I offered a gentle belly rub to encourage the baby to join us outside the womb.  Not sure it helped....but it was nice to gently encourage her on.
Earlier in the morning, we arranged a 'FaceTime' with Easton.  He was trilled to bits to see Jeanette and I but when he saw me at the party house, he could not believe his eyes.  He was quite taken to see his grand papa live and in person.  What a treat to see that great smile of his and feel his warm hugs.
Easton sees me for the first time in one month,
He hung on to me.....!  We visited with the women attending the shower party before the guys left for White Rock and a place for brunch.
It was a fun day spent with our son Deni, son in law Trevor, Barb's fella Doug and, of course, Easton.  We had a great day out.  White Rock beach was blustery so our walk on the promenade was kept short.  Brunch was great.
Everyone gathered at our house for dinner on Monday.  Easton is kind of perplexed by his little cousin who has joined the family. He's not sure what to make of all this fuss....!
We hosted dinner at our home on Monday.  Everyone arrived early in the afternoon and we visited and visited and visited till it was time to sit down to dinner. Deni was catching a 9:00 pm flight back to Edmonton.  Courtney and Owen are spending the week with her mom here on the coast.
Grand kid handling.......
Fun family visit...... RVing takes a back seat when we are surrounded by these little folks and their folks.

Deb (left)  - Jeanette's sister from Calgary, Alberta - arrived on a 4:30 pm Sunday afternoon flight.
Jeanette drove to the Abbotsford Airport to collect Deb who is spending the week here with us. The timing was great for her to get a good visit in with everyone - and especially Deni before his return flight to Edmonton.  She got to spend time with Easton and new baby Owen too.  

Speaking of Owen, we'll get to see him a few more times this week.
Ginette stands out between her aunt and her mom.  She is most ready to deliver her baby......!
So...this paints the picture of our time here, these past few days, and in the days ahead.  Exciting times for sure.

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. Sure nice to have had all the kids and Grandchildren home at once. Can't believe how much Easton has grown. Owen is one handsome little guy. Enjoyed all your pic's. We wish our best to Ginette for a fast on time delivery! Have a great Tuesday!

  2. So great to be there with the family during this exciting time. Enjoy it while you can.

  3. What a great time for your Family...all the smiles are huge! Sure is nothing better than meeting your Grandson for the first time!!!! Looks like Easton will be big enough to drive a car soon! Enjoy!

  4. Now this is what I call a terrific blog. Everyone's smiling, happy and having a good time - especially Grandma and Grandpa!

    Looking forward to seeing the newest member of the family very soon!

  5. A "make you smile" kind of blog Rene! Ginette is certainly tall--I hope that little girl arrives soon!