Friday, September 26, 2014

"Good Times"

.....and I refer to the great title song co-written and performed by none other than Alan Jackson, the great bluegrass performing artist.  He was in concert in Abbotsford, this past Tuesday evening, and Jeanette and I took in the show. We really like this performer's music. 
Alan Jackson :: About :: About Alan Jackson - Biography, Chronology and Awards

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It was a rainy night and the traffic was heavy trying to get to the Abbotsford Entertainment and Even Centre.  Poor traffic control created some chaos but once inside the facility, we were treated to a near full house of Alan Jackson fans who were looking forward to the gentle Nashville based performer.  He is not an energizer bunny type performer.  This country gentleman simply warms the crowd with his mild demeaner and genuine like for his gift of writing and performing.  His band was top class.

The downer?  Alan only performed for 90 minutes before calling it a night. The crowd was pleased, however.

Prior to his appearance, the opening act was none other than a popular local duo.  'One More Girl' kicked it up for a solid 30 minutes before giving the stage over to Jackson.  These two sisters are making their mark in the country music world.
One More Girl 

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Booze fueled  fans were a sight to witness in the severe downpour that followed the concert.   Trying to drive away from the facility was a test in patience! 

On the home front, we took Brie and Easton in for two days (one overnight) when their mom, Ginette headed back for Edmonton this past Sunday.  She was there to present more seminars.  Her business is sure growing.  Trevor's mom took over the sitting duties for two days too before Trevor took both kids on the flight to Edmonton this past Thursday.  The entire family will return on Sunday.
Easton is hunting for strawberries in our back yard.
Brie is crawling now....and she sure shows a will to want to walk. 
Jeanette and I had a good time with the two grand kids.  And we kept them busy too!
Fun in the woods.....
Easton enjoyed riding over the early fall leaves.  The crunching sound is what attracted him to roll over these leaves.
Golf was rained out this week (Wednesday) so the Tee time was moved over to this coming Wednesday at a course we've played before. Avalon Golf Course (27 holes of golf) is located just south of Bellingham and north from Burlington, WA.
Easton donning his Nana's motorcycle helmet......!  Why?
Because I was taking him on his first motorcycle ride with me at the helm.
With his very first motorcycle ride under his belt while cruising with his dad, I now feel OK to take the little man with me on rides.  I insisted that his father give him his very first Harley ride.  Easton and I took off and rode the quiet countryside roads for several kilometres.  Back home, he asked to go on another ride.  We did just that!
Harvest in central Alberta
Jeanette's sister, Darlene is at the controls in the combine (photo above).  The fall harvest is well underway in Alberta.  Tom and Darlene work two or three combines at a time to harvest their numerous crops.  With the peas harvested, they are working the wheat fields now.
Rain was threatening but Darlene and Tom managed to complete combining this field before the wet stuff halted production.
Owen is one happy little fella.....and how could he not be?????
Deni texted this photo of Owen enjoying his brand new riding car.  The look on his face is a clear testament to the joy of ownership.  We can't wait to see this little fella cruse this neat car when we are back in Edmonton.

I am sure that Easton is quite taken with Owen's new wheels!  He, his sister and their parents are spending the weekend with Deni, Courtney and Owen before returning home to the west coast this Sunday.  I am sure they are all having a fun time.

So....the 'good times' continue.

That said, it's time for me to get rolling on another little project I've undertaken.....!

More on that later.

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. the grandkids are getting so big!!! is there a seatbelt to keep Easton safe on the back of the motorcycle?

  2. And I bet the kids kept you busy as well! I'm with Sue--how do you keep an active toddler still on the back of the motorcycle? Easton looks as if he is having a ball and Brie gets more precious by the day! Owen's expression is priceless!

  3. So much to comment on! But first - love the photo of Owen in his hot rod. It's funny how little boys seem to know what a car is no matter how young they are!

    Brie sure is a little sweetheart and her brother seems to be growing by leaps and bounds. Riding on the back of a motorcycle? Wow - I'll bet he loves that.

    That sure is a beautiful photo of the combine in the wheat field with the rainbow.

  4. To answer the question about Easton's safety on the back of the motorcycle, there is no seatbelt. That would be dangerous should one have to get off in a hurry. Easton - and other inexperieced riders - hold on to the back seat hand strap. Although non-riders might believe a passenger can fall off a motorcycle, that really does not happen while riding and keeping the shiny side up. Easton was not nervous or concerned. Had he been uncertain, I would not have had him as a passenger. He wanted to ride....and he was quite calm.

  5. Good to see Easton enjoying rides on the bike! Looks like you are enjoying great weather as well.

  6. Would have loved the Alan Jackson concert, sounds like a great show.

  7. Wow, Easton and Brie are growing so fast! They look so cute! Enjoy! Judy