Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Mainly Detailing....

Although it has been several days since our last post, other than reporting on routine stuff, we don't have much to bring to the blog table.  We did get around and about and, with the few cloudy/rain days that were offered up, we got some things accomplished.
Needing an oil change
While Jeanette was busy with indoor domestic stuff, I put a few hours aside to change the three (3) oils on the Electra Glide.  It was due.  Harley owners know that the HD motor has three primary oil reservoirs; the engine, the primary and the transmission.  Metric (Japanese) motorcycles only have one oil reservoir that bathes the engine and transmission.
Engine oil draining
I opt to do my own service work on both motorcycles.  Not only do I enjoy doing this work, it gives me the opportunity to check everything out; nuts, bolts, tire pressures, brake linings and more.
Primary is also drained.
Once all oils were drained and the filter removed, I began the process of filling each reservoir with motorcycle approved synthetic oil.  I also replaced each 'O' ring on each plug.  They were showing some wear.  

Once the oil service was completed, the motorcycle was started and once heated up a bit, the engine was turned off and the hot oil levels were checked to ensure the fluid levels were correct.
The Fraser Valley farmers were busy...
With fresh oil and all checks completed, the sun broke nicely in the early afternoon and that got Jeanette believing that a nice ride out to Cultus Lake, in the eastern Fraser Valley, would be a nice activity.  And it was!

Another hay crop was being bailed and blueberry farmers were harvesting the last of their crop.  Farm fields were busy with human activity and vegetable farmers were also reaping the fruits of their work.
Meandering through many paved back roads in the area led us to Cultus Lake.  Always a treat to take a break at, Jeanette and I enjoyed watching the young families taking advantage of the waning days of summer.  Many frolicked in the water while other were warming under the afternoon sun.

We hung out at the lake for about 90 minutes before heading on towards Chilliwack.  Crossing the bridge over the Chilliwack River (photo below) revealed much slower and lower waters below.

It will not be long before fly fishermen ply these waters for the spawning salmon.

We always look forward to having Brie and Easton drop by.  Ginette often drops by our place during the week and we get to have some fun times with the grand kids.  
Brie is beginning to crawl.  It will not be long before she finds her legs and starts walking.
Jeanette and friend, Mariette, picked more wild blackberries and the result was an entire day of juicing the fruit to eventually make several jars of blackberry jelly.  Yum!  With blackberry, blue berry and yellow plums converted to jams and jellies, we're set for the winter months.

We did get out for our regular golf outing and this past Friday saw us return to Harrison Mills and the famed Sandpiper Golf Course at Rowena's Inn on the Harrison River.  What a treat.  What a day!

Putting in the labour on Labour Day Monday
I chose Labour Day Monday to detail the HD Electra Glide Ultra Classic.  Using the motorcycle lift, the bike off the ground made for easy work on detailed cleaning and polishing.  The process took a couple of hours. A pleasant activity, I might add!  Some nice music playing in the background added to the pleasure of working out in the garage. 
Even got the thin white wall tires to look fresh again.
All put back together.  With the cleaned hard saddle bags detailed and locked into place, the job is done. 
And that, along with the usual other activities we involve ourselves in, colours the last few days of August and into very early September. We have started to think about our winter RV plans and the dialogue is leading to firming up some dates and destinations soon.   

Thanks for dropping in.


  1. Nice looking bikes Rene'. Back a few decades Harley's were notorious for leaking oil but I guess this is no longer the case.

    We spent many weekends camped at Cultus Lake back when I was a kid. A beautiful spot!

  2. Beautiful pics of Cultus Lake and the Chilliwack River.

    You sure save some money by doing those oil changes yourself. It's great that you enjoy it too.

  3. Homemade preserves are the absolute best. The bike sure looks pretty. Mine is just gathering dust these days. Too many other things to do, I guess.

  4. nice way to spend your Labour Day Weekend! glad you got out and about.

  5. Nothing more satisfying than servicing and polishing your ride, looks awesome !

  6. Sure looked like a beautiful day for your ride out to Cultas Lake. Sounds like your well stocked with all those fresh delicious jams and jellies. You sure have the Harley looking mighty fine. Hard to believe it's getting to be that time already to start planning your winter travels. Can't believe how fast Brie is growing, nice pic. Our best to you and Jeanette hope we can cross paths this winter somewhere.