Sunday, October 26, 2014

Locking in our RV travel plans.....

We've been mostly around home but getting out and about with friends for dinner, movies at the cinema, golf and my regular Sunday morning 'Open Mic' coffee sessions. Jeanette and I also get out for walks when the rains hold off.  We have been inundated with rains these past ten days or so.

We have also been focused on our RV winter travel plans and have made several decisions.
Wet, wet, wet....
Friday's weather forecast was picture perfect, however.  That said, our golf group got together for 18 holes.  It was a great day on the links.  The golf course we chose - Pagoda Ridge Golf Course - has great drainage and not once did our golf balls gather mud or plug.  The greens were incredibly good.  Seven of eight golfers showed up for the round on Friday. 
L-R   Rick, Clark, Fred, David, Denis, Al and me....
Yesterday (Saturday), Jeanette and I had appointments to get our flu shots for this year.  Jeanette got her flu shot last year but I did not.  I paid the price!  She was fine! I ended up with an awful bout of H1N1.   

If  you have not had this dreadful flu, take it from me, you do not want to experience it.  I have never, ever been so sick.  And it spoiled my Christmas, last year. So, a bit of ammunition to ward off the flu this year was in my planning book.
Some might argue that the flu shot does little to ward off the flu but those years I did take the flu shot, I did not get sick.  The one year I took a break - no flu shot -  I was hit with a whammy! I am 99% certain that the H1N1 flu I caught last late December was while on board the Allegiant Air flight from Las Vegas back to our home for Christmas. Within a day or two after getting home, my head could not lift off the pillow.

Back from a walk between rains...
Our Langley grand kids and their mom dropped by our home a couple of times last week.  On one of those occasions, Jeanette had Easton give her a hand to place fallen leaves between the gourds and pumpkins near our front entrance.  With Halloween around the corner, the little display looks quite nice.

Easton was interested in showing Brie the nice Halloween display....but she seemed more interested in playing with the large maple leaf.
We 'Face Timed' Deni, Courtney and Owen in Edmonton, Alberta.  All is well with them and it was fun to watch Owen try to grab the iPad during our conversation.  He crawls around quickly now and it should be only a matter of weeks before he discovers his feet and legs and starts running around the house.
Owen with his cool car.
Last week also had us lock in our flights home for Christmas.  We will fly from Las Vegas, on the 18th of December, and return on the 5th of January 2015.  We also reserved secure storage for our 5th wheel and our truck while away from the US southwest.
Soon to hitch up...
Our current plan is to pull the big wheels out of the driveway on or about the 16th of November.  Our first day will take us through Washington State and into Salem, Oregon.  From there, we'll continue south on I-5 and into northern California.  

Should the weather - and road conditions - prove safe to cross over the Sierra Nevada Mountains, we'll head east from Red Bluff, CA for northern Nevada.  Otherwise, we'll continue on I-5 south towards the San Diego countryside (Plan 'B').
Last November in Pahrump, Nevada - Death Valley   Pahrump, Nevada - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Should the Sierra Nevada Mountains prove clear to travel into Nevada, we will head back to Death Valley (Plan 'A').  We were rained out while there last November and we did not get the pleasure of motorcycling and touring the area.  With a Plan 'A' and a Plan 'B', we have two good options.    Images for death valley national park

The leaves have changed colour but still remain on our trees
That sums things up from here for now.   Thanks for dropping in.


  1. I agree it is likely that you got that flu bug while flying on that "discount" airline. Now if you had of booked flights with Air Canada you would have only been sick over the price. Safe travels.

  2. There you go at least you have a plan. We have one written in chalk, head to California via Georgia , Florida an Texas if nothing crops up along the way. If that happens we wing it and do whatever?
    Travel safe and enjoy once you get away.

  3. Nice to see you had a nice golf day between the rain. Great pic's of Jeanette, Easton and Brie enjoying the fall moments, just such an awesome time of year to enjoy with the grands. Your fall travel agenda sounds like it's coming together well. Have a great Sunday and our best to you both.

  4. Long ago when I traveled for a living a flight attendant told me if I would get a flu shot I wouldn't get sick every time I flew (which was the case--every time I flew I caught a cold then Mike would catch it). It made no sense but we started getting flu shots, now we are both rarely sick. Glad your travel plans are firming up.

  5. nice to see you have the winter plans in motion!..soon it will be time to escape the rains of the west coast!
    as for the flu shot..they are deemed 'mandatory' for those of us that work in the medical field.. I am sure it has saved me from a bout of the flu, or at least I think it has.

  6. Although I've never, ever had a flu shot in my life I think I just might suffer the needle this year even though the pic you posted of it is already giving me second thoughts!

    The grandkids are all looking cute as usual and growing like little weeds!

    What was the name of the RV Park you stayed at in Pahrump? It looks pretty nice.

    Sounds like you have a great plan for hitting the road. It's nice you're able to come home for Christmas too!

  7. Wow, you guys really like to travel a lot! It’s nice to see everybody’s having a great time. By the way, the kids are really adorable, and you probably can’t wait till Owen discovers the wonders of running around in his little legs. Haha! Anyway, thank you for sharing this with us, Rene. Take care!

    Liza Pilon @ Prairie City RV Center