Friday, October 31, 2014

Trick or Treat?

It is Halloween....but there are no tricks up our sleeves!  Treats?  Oh yes!  And a lot of that for those costumed goblins who grace our door this Friday evening.
Front door decor at our home.
In years past, we've noticed a decline in door knocks so we prepared ourselves for maybe a dozen or so trick and treaters.

Easton and Brie brought their pumpkins to our home and their Nana and mom got down on the floor, designed some scary (or not so scary) faces and then got to work gutting and cutting.
Two pumpkins to carve.
Hard at work
Digging deep...
All done....
Easton's favourite....

The pumpkin seeds were cultivated, placed in a roasting pan and then roasted in the oven.  Easton really enjoyed chewing on those roasted did I.

Other than pumpkin carving, I got the long step ladder out and cleaned out the eaves-troughs.  I do this task often enough so it was not a long job to complete.  The water will continue to flow well this winter.
Cleaning the eaves-troughs.
Almost done.
Fall scene in our back yard.
We have been more or less hunkered in at home with the near continuous rains, these past several days.  We do get out to walk though.  The following photos are from our meanderings in the neighborhood.
Neighbourhood street scene.
Local elementary school
Our back yard maple is starting to drop its leaves.
While waiting for our Open Mic Sunday group to congregate for our Sunday morning coffee, last Sunday, I took a few photos at White Rock Beach.
The pier at White Rock Beach.
Check out the palm tree at the tourist information booth.
A few yard tasks remain to be completed before we roll out of here for the US southwest.  Saturday, our neighbour will assist me to winterize our underground sprinkler system.  Once ours is done, we'll tackle his system.  It is not a hard task.  In fact, we'll attach the air compressor to the underground main valve then open each zone (one at a time) till we no longer see water blowing out.  That's it!

The other simple task will be to empty, clean and winterize the hot tub. The back yard pond is now turned off.   Other than using our Toro Leaf Vacuum to collect the fallen leaves, that should take care of the outdoor chores till spring time.

I am considering pulling the 5th wheel out from our side yard storage, on Monday, and starting the slow process of sorting stuff out and getting it ready to roll out in a couple of weeks.

So that covers things from from here, for now.  Thanks for dropping by.


  1. Must be nice to have the kidlets around. Our yard work keeps on keeping on. Our lawn is still growing, and the trees are still hanging onto their leaves. Good thing we've got a few weeks left before we leave. We'll be about 5 days behind you.

  2. Getting chores done, hanging out with the grands and enjoy the fall colors. Soon you be on the road.

  3. Looks like a great Halloween! The South is starting to look real good at this point here! We cannot leave until the 12th of Nov. Bring it on!

  4. If the trees are just starting to change in your area and they're finished with few leaves on the trees here it's definitely time to leave town.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  5. Love your header photo!

    Easton and Brie sure seemed to enjoy the pumpkin carving.

    Your backyard looks beautiful and so does the neighbourhood with all the fall colours.

  6. Looked like a great time carving the pumpkins with Easton and Brie. Your backyard Maple is beautiful. One of my favorite things to do is a walk out on the White Rock pier. We are sharing a bit of your rain here in Southern Calif this morning. Have a great Saturday!

  7. We've had such a beautiful, long fall but as the first days of November come the forecast is looking a little more like winter. Mike did the sprinkler chores about a month ago as we had some freezing temps.Your backyard is beautiful!