Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Hanging Out in Lahaina and Meeting Friends.

The sky was clouded over and the sun would not shine.  It did not rain but it did mist for about 20 minutes or so.  But no matter, yesterday was a chosen shopping, browsing and walking day in Lahaina.  It is a quaint and beautiful town.
Our day started with a nice, leisurely walk along the beach
We could tell that American Thanksgiving is around the corner.  Lahaina was teaming with with families and more tourists than when we arrived.  The shopping district was abuzz.
Approaching the Lahaina Shores Resort.
Lahaina Shores Resort is a nice facility that sits on the beach, east from the harbour.
While walking along the beach, there were a few boarding classes being taught with skim, paddle and surf boards.
Being the early birds, we beat the shopping crowd at the 505 Front Street Shops.

Deb and Jeanette checked out a restaurant that was recommended for a future dinner spot.
This shop was busy.  Boards of all types were being delivered to the beach.
The board rental business is a good one.  The locals were busy renting and delivering all types of boards to clients waiting on the beach.

Sighted as we made our way west along Front Street
I did not focus our photos on the numerous T-shirt and trinket shops.  But there are plenty of them in the downtown shopping district.  One shop looked like another.  Clothing choices and pricing were similar.  Of greater surprise were the numerous jewellery stores and high end art shops.  So there is something to see while browsing along the streets.

Lovely ocean views along the route.
Bob and I settled here for an hour or so while Jeanette and Deb were busy browsing in the stores.

Famous for shrimp and beer, we dropped by for a respite and lunch.  And the food choices were most appealing and tasty.  The beer was good too!
Hanging out at Bubba Gump

Deb found something nice for her son.
And Jeanette managed to find a few things for the grand-kids before we made our way back to our condo and some afternoon pool time.

At 5:00 pm, we met our friends Leslee and Stafford (from White Rock, BC) in the downtown core and found our way to a happy hour spot.  We chose Fleetwood Mac's restaurant.  We enjoyed some libations overlooking the see from the open air, third floor. 
We left there to check out the Cool-Cat Cafe', upstairs at the Wharf Center.  To our surprise, there was a truly great jazz trio entertaining and we enjoyed great food and chat in a nice seaside atmosphere.
L-R  Bob, Jeanette, Leslee, Stafford and Deb.
Following our meal during a pleasing jazz set, Leslee and Stafford headed back to their condo.  Following our bye byes, we walked around the Wharf Center briefly before returning to sit on on the second jazz trio set.  As a jazz lover, it was so pleasing to listen to those three talented musicians.

At the end of the second set, we called it a night, shook hands with the musicians and moseyed back to our condo; only a brief one block walk away.

A quality day for sure,

Mahalo for looking in.


  1. Gotta love quality days, and then Hanging out at Bubba Gumps while the women shop is wonderful.

  2. looks like you are all enjoying yourselves!!! thanks for sharing the day with those of us on the mainland!

  3. Lahaina can sure be a fun place. We just loved the music we found there and are enjoying the chance to remember it during your visit.