Saturday, November 28, 2015

More Maui and a Celebration

Our time on Maui is ending soon.  We have one more full day to go before we fly back home.  

Yesterday had us taking a half-sub, glass bottom boat ride to see the coral reefs and look at some sea life in these parts.
A cruise ship anchored overnight.
Our destination was only two blocks from our condo.  The wharf was busy.  Not only were the cruise ship tenders dropping passengers on shore, tourists were booking tours of all types, including; fishing, whale watching,  scuba diving, snorkeling, a submarine and a glass bottom boat.  We had pre-booked the Reef Dancer glass bottom boat.
The Reef Dancer glass bottom boat is scouting the shoreline early in the morning.
 We arrived at our assigned time of 9:30 am for pre-board.  When the Reef Dancer returned from its scouting and testing mission, we boarded and headed out for the reefs.

Our glass bottom boat.
Before taking on the passengers for the first morning cruise, Reef Dancer crew members take the boat out to scout the best locations and to ensure that silting does not become an issue.  The divers also clean the glass and check that the boat is safe.
Our view from the glass bottom.  Impressive.
The photos do not do justice to the views that we had during our reef cruise.  The reefs were teaming with a variety of sea life.
Two divers bring sea life to the viewing areas.
A very short video taken from the glass bottom boat tour.

We chose the one hour glass bottom cruise.  On the return back to the dock, it was nice to step up to the deck and grab a few photos from the seas side vantage.

One of the numerous resorts west from the town of Lahaina
One of the divers is showing Deb ad Bob a conch that he retrieved from the ocean floor.  Inside was a very small octopus.

Back on shore, we completed a bit of required shopping before returning to our condo for some pool time.

This fella was at work every day carving these beautiful wood pieces.
A few hours in the shade of one pool was relaxing.
Awesome colours on this Gecko.
By mid-afternoon, we readied for a nice dinner and to celebrate Jeanette's birthday.  The seafood choices were terrific, the ambiance spectacular.  The sunset was stunning too.
Two sisters
Very nice dinner

Birthday cake for the birthday girl.
The view from our table
And that concludes the blogs from Maui.  We have all day today to meander.  I'll write about that upon our return back home. 

We're heading for the beaches near Kaanapali this morning.  And it is a typically beautiful, sunny and warm day out here again today.

Mahalo for dropping in.


  1. What a wonderful time you had, glad that you took us along with you.

  2. happy birthday Jeanette!! looks like it was a great day!

  3. What a place to celebrate your Birthday. Congratulations.

  4. Looks like another great day, happy birthday Jeanette and safe travels!

  5. I have enjoyed your
    trip once again, what a beautiful place to enjoy your BD. We were there many years ago for Thanksgiving.