Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Bent Prop, A Ride and A Fire.

More friends arrived in the Gold Canyon area.  Fritz and Bonnie, who call Iowa home, rolled in and it has been fun getting together and catching up.

Yesterday started off being a bit breezy but we were up for a ride.  Joining us were Lavonne and Dave, also from Iowa By 10:30 am, we were rolling south from here.  We arrived at the airport in Eloy - made famous for the world wide sky diving - and took in some jumpers landing. Lunch was enjoyed at 'The Bent Prop'.
Military troops from New Zealand were preparing for their sky diving exercises.
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Time prevented us from checking out this facility at the Eloy airport. 
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Armed Forces personnel approaching their landing site.
Although busy with sky divers - military and civilian - the airport itself was otherwise quiet.  I was pleasantly surprised to see two RV parks on site.  RVers with an interest in sky diving have access to level sites with services.
The front entrance to the Bent Prop restaurant.
And there is a little town atmosphere here too. 
On our ride back from Eloy, we dropped into the RV park that is the temporary RV home for Fritz and Bonnie.  They will move into Canyon Vista RV Resort this coming Monday.
Rolling into the Arizonian RV Park on Highway 60
Fritz and Bonnie brought their portable fire pit to Lavonne and Dave's Canyon Vista RV site.  L-R Bonnie, Lavonne, Dave, Me and Fritz.  Jeanette took the photo.
We enjoyed a beautiful Arizona outdoor evening, around a real wood fire, on Tuesday.  It was nice to catch up with these good folks.  And we also planned a motorcycle ride for this Saturday.  Our destination is not locked in but whether we head north, east, south or west, it's always a good day on two wheels.
This RV park does allow wood fires.  That is the exception rather than the rule.
While doing their laundry, two of our RV neighbours had a similar board hanging off of their RV ladders. This one is ours!
Most RV parks frown upon - or outright say no to - clothes lines.  That is understandable.  With our on-board stacked washer and dryer, we can avoid stringing a line outdoors.  For expediency though, hanging some clothes outdoors speeds up the laundry process.  We really liked this idea.  So.....I borrowed one neighbour's board, walked over to the wood work shop, here in Canyon Vista, and, within one half hour, I had one hanging board for ourselves.

The shop had an old 2X4 piece that was cut into a 1X3, planed and sanded, followed by drilling holes and notching grooves to attach to the RV ladder.  

The hanger board is not obtrusive and RV neighbours do not react negatively.  I even asked several RVers that surround our site. So.....that's a little tip and trick for fellow RVers.

And that concludes this blog.  Thanks for dropping in.


  1. Love your clothes hanging device! Mike installed a rod over our bed, it is close to the ceiling, out of the way and unobtrusive, I use it to speed up the drying process--as we know, things dry quickly in the desert! When I saw the title of your blog, I was thinking, "when did they get a boat."

  2. The Bent Prop and the sky diving there in Eloy is a fun place have been there a couple times years ago and a good friend of our went tandem skydiving for his 70th birthday. Like your clothes hanger.