Monday, January 25, 2016

Ongoing Fun and Activities in Southern Arizona.

It has been another couple of fun days here in the Arizona desert.  Other than enjoying a bit of time in the sunshine, our friends, Gerry and Pauline, have kept us busy attending dinners, musical performances and a great Saturday drive south to tour the University of Arizona Biosphere.  
Gerry and Pauline, call Canyon Vista (in Gold Canyon, AZ) their winter home.  Montreal, Quebec is their Canadian home.
Located north and east from Tucson, the Biosphere is an amazing place to visit and to learn.  And it is captivating.  Having visited the Biosphere several years earlier, Gerry and Pauline were keen to take us along for the tour.  And what a place!
For complete details, click on the following link:   Biosphere 2 |

So much can be written about this amazing research facility but the Biosphere 2 | WEB link will satisfy your curiosity.  

Jeanette captured this photo; sitting outdoors at the Biosphere cafe' enjoying lunch before the tour.
Making our way into the facility.
The facility alone is an engineering marvel.

The researchers recreated an Amazon jungle with plants from there.
Oceanic research is done here.
Experiments conducted to grow edible plants in space in the future.
Impressive buildings
Making our way out from the Biosphere campus.
Jeanette, who so enjoys horticulture and anything related to science, was in her glory here.  She remarked that to have another go at a career, she would embrace the opportunity to work and to contribute to the research science of plant life here.   
Our Sunday motorcycle ride east and north towards the town of Superior, AZ
Other than a planned evening dinner out to include a country singer in Apache Junction, Jeanette and I spent out Sunday morning at the large (huge, in fact) Mesa Market.  Just walking around this tented facility took a few hours.  It is an interesting place.

Back to our RV spot for lunch, we researched some other RV spots for the future before choosing to take a ride further east from our site.  Although we have ridden here these past many years, it is so nice to roll into the mountains.  The saguaro cacti, the mountains, the roads and the topography, in general, are so visually appealing.  We never, ever tire being here.
Beautiful roads through beautiful countryside.
Back in Gold Canyon, we rode around one golf resort and into the beautiful residential areas here.
The Gold Canyon Golf Resort and Hotel
Sunday evening was spent with our friends - and meeting new friends - at an Apache Junction restaurant that featured a very good country singer who so well emulated Garth Brooks, the well respected country singer and song writer.  Garth Brooks | The Official Website (Click here for more information) 

We have one more week to enjoy this lovely area before closing up, lifting our jacks and moving west to our long term winter spot in the Palm Springs, California, area.  

Thanks for dropping in. 


  1. Gotta love this sunshine and warm weather.
    See that you are keeping yourself busy too.

  2. Your posts are never a disappointment .. Looks like the Biosphere tour would be an interesting one to go on ..
    Enjoy and ride safe!!