Saturday, December 21, 2013

Mother Nature Dumped Some Work on Us....back home!

What a contrast in climate!  Leaving Las Vegas for home was eventful - with the thrill of seeing Easton and his mom greet us the Bellingham, WA, airport - and waking up the very next west coast morning to snow....and lots of it too!
Our flight from Las Vegas, NV to Bellingham, WA.
The flight back home was quite full.  Other than us, most folks were returning home following a few days of gambling in the sin city.  Two and one half hours after take off, we were on the ground, 20 minutes from our home in Langley, BC.  Ginette and Easton were at the airport to greet us.  And what a treat to see our little grandson again.  It was five full weeks back when we left home.  To see him again was a thrill. Oh....and it was equally nice to see daughter Ginette too!!!!!
Jeanette presented Easton with a Mustang Cobra metal car.  He loves cars...and this is one more for his collection.
Easton was quick to try his new Mustang out on his hot wheels garage set up at our home.  We heard a lot of 'vroom...vroom'.... !
About an hour back home and Easton and his mom left for their home.
With the water turned back on, the hot water tank set back to normal and the thermostat re-programmed for indoor living, we settled in to a quiet evening.
Awake at 5:00 am the next morning (Friday), I sensed more than the usual daylight bleeding through the curtains in our bedroom.
Watching the local news on Thursday night, we were told of a snow storm rolling into the south coast of British Columbia.  Now, where we live, it's unusual to see snow but, on the odd year, snow does come down here.  Within a few days, the rains return and the snow disappears. 
Very pretty and bright.
The Thursday night temperature dropped a few degrees below 0 Celsius (approx. 28 F).  That was enough for rain to turn to snow.
It was fun to watch it too....from our front window.
By-mid morning Friday, Easton dropped by to have some fun in the snow and here (below) he is learning to throw snowballs (I taught him to throw) at his Nana.  Good fun.  It was not cold and the snow was just moist enough to easily make snowballs.
Easton is helping his Grand Papa shovel snow.
We all played outside in the snow - fully realizing that it would disappear within a couple of days.  Today (Saturday) it has sufficiently warmed up and the snow is quickly melting.  There is no more snow in the forecast and temperatures are set to rise to about 7 degrees Celsius (44-46 F) in the days ahead.

A much needed snack following a fun time outdoors - check out the rosy cheeks.
I also installed the Christmas lights on our home.  We had to get with the program, considering that most of our neighbours had their homes brightly lit.
Ginette and Trevor had planned their Saturday to paint the bedroom for their new baby girl to arrive in mid-February.  We offered to take Easton for the day.  Why not!  And fun we've had!  

I am able to write this blog while Easton has a nice afternoon nap and Jeanette is out on a grocery run. I guess we wore him out with indoor and outdoor activities.  Heck, I could use a nap too....but, I am not a natural napper and never have been.  So....why not blog???
Two kids enjoying playing cars on a hot wheel mat.
And that about covers our activities here since our return home - about 40 hours, or so, ago.  It has been a very busy time but we've enjoyed every minute of it.  With Christmas only a few days away, we have a busy agenda ahead.  We look forward to all of the activities.
That's it from here for now.  Thanks for dropping in.


  1. If you really likw shovelling you could drive up to the Okanagan and do my place. No? Well, at least I tried. Have a great Christmas with your family!

  2. glad you landed back at home safely..just in time for old man winter!!!

  3. Glad you had a safe trip home--enjoy the holidays with your family--the snow photos were beautiful!

  4. Looks like the next few weeks are going to be lots of fun and so different than if you had stayed in the US. Enjoy your family.

  5. Great blog, Rene. So nice to see Easton smiling and happy to see his Grandparents again. I think I see a hot wheels carpet in my future too!

    All that snow makes me appreciate the weather we're having down here right now.

    This year's Christmas appears to be headed towards a wonderful celebration for your entire family.