Friday, December 27, 2013

Post Christmas....

Although I didn't have the energy to participate in the Christmas day gift opening at Ginette, Trevor and Easton's home, I did garner enough energy to join them at our good friends home for dinner.
Jeanette drove out to Easton's home for the Christmas morning gift opening.  He was in a festive mood; as were his parents.
Once our family gift opening was over with, Jeanette returned home while Trevor and Ginette prepared their home to receive Trevor's siblings and parents to celebrate the festive day.
Easton is 'Face Timing' with his aunt Courtney and Uncle Deni who called from Edmonton.
Easton is more accustomed to 'Face Time' now and responds quite well when he sees a familiar face on an iPad or iPhone.
This wonderful wooden rail set seems to have hit a strong note for Easton.  He absolutely loves this toy set.
Trevor's mom and her husband bought this car and slide set for Easton.
So Easton, Ginette and Trevor enjoyed a nice Christmas at home. 

Earlier that Christmas morning, Deni and Courtney 'Face Timed' us at home.  They were enjoying a quiet day in their home and anticipating joining some friends for dinner later in the afternoon.  They are also anticipating the birth of their first child any day now.  All is well with them.

It is now clear that the flu virus I attracted is the H1N1 strain.  All symptoms described by the virus were those I suffered with.  It packs a powerful punch - something I have never experienced before (nor wish to ever experience again). I am far from over this condition but life has greatly improved.  I am sleeping well, again, and other than some latent body pains and congestion, I am on the mend.  I need to work on gaining increased energy though.  That will come. 
Sure do not wish this on anyone......!
Christmas dinner with Lorne, Mariette and their son, Justin, was very nice.  Although I had not eaten much, the previous three days (other than soups and dry toast) I managed OK.  It was an awesome meal.
Mariette (L) welcomes Easton, Ginette and Jeanette.
With such a great festive meal, it was clear that a good part of their day was spent in the kitchen.
L-R  Mariette, Easton, Ginette and Lorne.
It has been our custom, for many years, that we alternate hosting Christmas day dinners.  Mariette and Lorne wished to host this year.  

They also have a son, daughter in law and a granddaughter who live in Edmonton, Alberta. Their younger son, Justin, lives in Vancouver and he was there to celebrate dinner with us too.
Easton was so surprised to see me when he arrived at Lorne and Mariette's home.  Not having seen me in a few days, he was somewhat startled by my presence.  It was sure nice to see the little fella on Christmas day. 
There was a little gift exchange......
......while Justin kept the home fires burning....
.....and before long, we settled into a five star Christmas dinner.
As expected, Lorne and Mariette hosted a fantastic dinner that was enjoyed by all.  It was my first real meal in several days and it was good.  I did not come with much of an appetite but I did manage to taste everything. 
Before choosing to attend Christmas dinner, I knew that I was no longer a threat to spread the virus.  By all medical accounts, the virus is usually transmitted before one gets ill.  
Ginette, Trevor and Easton left long before we did but by 10:15 pm, I was fading and looking forward to getting back home. 

We've rolled back into the post Christmas routine.  Once our newest grandchild is born, Jeanette and I will drive to Edmonton, Alberta, to welcome this new family member. We will also get to visit Jeanette's mom who lives about 90 minutes east from the city of Edmonton.  

We did get to 'Face Time' with Jeanette's mom on Christmas Day afternoon while she was enjoying dinner with Jeanette's siblings.  Mary was so surprised by the quality and ability to see and chat with us in real time.  She was quite taken by this technology.  Now that she understands it's potential, I can see us 'Face Timing' her whenever one of the daughters visits.  Great stuff!!!!

That is about it from here.  Thanks for dropping in.


  1. That H1N1 (aka swine flu) is nothing to mess with. There has been a recent outbreak in the south. Hopefully you are over the worst.

  2. glad you got to get out and enjoy some of the Christmas festivities!..hope you are now on the mend from that darn H1N1

  3. What a great picture of you and Easton with big smiles - I'll bet that's all you really needed for Christmas!

    Glad to see you are slowly recovering from the flu. Your experience has made me rethink my fear of needles and I'll probably get a flu shot next season.

    Loved all the pics of your family at Christmas and especially Easton's big smiles!

    Gotta love FaceTime etc.

  4. Soon you be good as new and raring to go again.