Friday, December 13, 2013

Sure Enjoying The Warming Trend....

The temperatures, here in Yuma, continue to rise from day to day, and that sparks greater interest to get out and do more.  
This view drew us to walk in that direction.
We took a long, long, walk towards the mountains, the day before yesterday.  Till we got to the base of the mountains, the temperature was quite fine.  As we neared the base though, the wind began to gust and we could feel the cool air.  A quick turnaround had us back in appreciable warmth.
Although short pants weather, one has to dress in layers till the mid-morning sun heats things up.
Once back at our site, we began the dinner preparations.  My brother, Bernie, and his wife, Rita, were joining us for happy hour and a Weber-Q'd pork tender loin.  It was a fine afternoon and, thankfully, our fiver was blocking most of the northeast wind that reared up.

We still required jackets to ward off the waning afternoon sun.
Although jackets were required outdoors, it was nice to close off the afternoon while sitting in the sun.  Before long, I showed our guests our iPad Mini.  We chose to Face time Deni and Courtney in Edmonton, Alberta.  They were home and answered....surprised to see Bernie and Rita on the screen.  A good visit had, we then Face Timed Ginette, Trevor and Easton in Langley, BC.  That too was a pleasant visit.
As a result of this experience, Bernie and Rita wanted to order an iPad Mini too.  And we did just that! Within minutes, there was a confirmation that their new iPad - from Millenicom - would be shipped to their Yuma home.  You should be getting a commission, Janna!  Tin TeePee/Log Cabin
Once done with the iPad fun, we settled in for a nice indoor dinner and more visiting.  Once our guests left to return to their abode, we settled in for a bit of TV before calling it a day.
Entrance to the Yuma Proving Grounds.
Thursday morning, we geared up for a motorcycle ride into the Imperial Dam countryside; including a drive by the Yuma Proving Grounds.  There is a large roadside display of various tanks and guns.  The entrance to the grounds has this ominous gunship (below) that would frighten anyone being chased by it.
Check out the size of the bullets that fire from the guns....
We've been to the Imperial Dam before so we chose to keep riding west toward our intended stop; The Imperial Date Farm.  Although it was still morning, we dropped in for a date shake.  Once ingested, we had no interest in having lunch.  The richness of that date shake carried us till dinner.

The last curve on Highway S-24 before our stop at the Imperial Date Farm
We enjoyed our date shakes while sitting outdoors, facing the sun, and watching the farming activities around here. We also rode south on Highway 95 towards San Luis - on the Mexican border - to enjoy the numerous orchards there.  The oranges, lemons and limes are ripening well.  

By 2:00 pm, we were back at our RV site.  We cleaned up and changed into better clothes before driving to Bernie and Rita's home for pizza.  After pizza, we were joined by three of their friends to attend a Christmas concert at a modern church/school nearby.  Although performed by amateur seniors and others, it was a funny and festive musical .  We quite enjoyed the solid performance by the volunteer actors and singers.

We gathered back at Bernie and Rita's house and, by 10:45 pm, we all said our bye byes and headed back for our place.  It was a fun evening!
Our RV Park - Fortuna De Oro - like most in the Yuma area, are less than 50% occupied.  We're told that they busy up after Christmas....when many, many, snowbirds fly the cold climate coops for the southwest US.
Today is a 'stay at home' day.  Jeanette was talking about getting some laundry done and I was expressing interest in playing the full length, nine hole, golf course that is part of this resort.  I walked over and booked a Tee time for 11:07.  Jeanette will be joining me for the walk. Once back, we'll get the laundry done while enjoying the afternoon sun with our books. It is shaping up to be a calm, bright, sunny and warm day.  Nice!

That about says it all from here, for now.

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. Such a nice area and love it up by the proving grounds. We have camped at the Imperial Dam BLM a few times and probably again after leaving Pilot Knob in the New Year.
    This warming trend is wonderful and an afternoon of reading in the sun sounds perfect for us too.

  2. Thanks for the plug Rene, I'm thinking I should be getting a commission!!

  3. We'll be face-timing this weekend and I'm already looking forward to it.

    Glad to see you and Jeanette are back into your busy, social ways.

    Sure is nice to see all those blue skies and hope the weather keeps warming up.

  4. Certainly starting your winter adventure early this year has made for some fun times. Enjoyed all your pic's. Looking forward to visiting the Yuma area ourselves over this winter will be a first for us. Have a great Saturday! Glad the face-time is working out well also.

  5. Love that area by the dam...great area to tour! Glad your weather is getting better.