Monday, January 20, 2014

Back To The Land of Desert Sun, Sand and Heat....

Yes, we are back in the US southwest.  We arrived yesterday from home (Langley, BC) to Moabi Regional Park, San Bernardino County, CA.
Our RV spot last night - along the Colorado River.
Before leaving home yesterday, we offered to look after Easton, on Saturday night, so that Trevor and Ginette could join some friends to celebrate a birthday.  It was our last opportunity to spend time with Easton, at his home, before our return to the desert.  Fun it was!
Jeanette preparing a pasta dish
Easton enjoys looking at the Beautiful BC Magazines......
Before we put Easton to bed for the night, Deni, Courtney, Barb and Owen 'Face Timed' us.  We got to spend some quality time watching Owen, his folks, and his maternal grandmother spoil him.

Early the next day (Sunday morning) Easton and his dad, Trevor, arrived at our home, bright and early, to drive Jeanette and I over the Aldergrove border crossing, into the Bellingham city area of Washington State and to the airport for our 10:00 am flight to Las Vegas, NV.
Waiting to cross the border into Washington State.  The border opens at 8:00 am....and we arrived early.  Easton was removed from his secure seat and enjoyed pushing every conceivable button in Trevor's sport ute....and also emulating driving.  Typical of that age group (21 months).  Good fun.
Jeanette and I were quite surprised when Easton teared up when we said our good byes.  The little fella understood that we were leaving and he was very sad about that.  Well, his grand parents were very sad too!
It was nice of Trevor and Easton to get up early to get us to the Bellingham airport.  Thanks you two!!!  

Although the airport was busy with flights leaving for Seattle, Phoenix, and Hawaii, the line up to pass through security was long but relatively quick.  By the time we got through that bit of business, the call to board the flight was only minutes later.  Jeanette and I had pre-booked our seats and we sat on the left side of the MD-80 jet, in the very first row.  Once on the ground in Las Vegas (and with no luggage other than a carry on bag) we were able to escape the crowd, jump into a cab and, ten minutes later, we had arrived at the Oasis RV Resort in south Las Vegas to retrieve our truck.  It was stored in their locked compound for the entire month we were away.  Our daily storage cost was $2.65/ day.....and more than well worth it for security and peace of mind.
At Moabi Regional Park RV storage facility.
We drove out of the Oasis RV Resort (, stopped into a grocery outlet to buy the basic food stuffs, then hurried out of Las Vegas for our 1 1/2 hr. drive south on Highway 95 and to the storage facility in Moabi Regional Park to retrieve our 5th wheel. 

We stopped at the office in Moabi/Pirates Cove Resort and booked a spot for one overnight.  Once hitched up we drove all of two minutes away from the secure storage facility to the site in the photo below.
Nice spot in the shade of the trees - along the Colorado River, south of Needles, CA.
We did get set up just before dark (always something I strive to accomplish) and then enjoyed a quiet evening walk around the area, on a warm evening, before we had dinner and settled into watching a bit of TV and catching up on emails and blogs.  I was thrilled to learn that the Seattle Seahawks had defeated the San Fransisco 49ers in the NFL Final Four to give them a shot at winning the Super Bowl in two weeks from now.  Great stuff!

This incredibly nice weather (78 - 80 degree F) is fantastic.  While we were setting up last evening, it was 77 degrees outdoors.  What's not to like about that?  Temperatures could easily reach 80 degrees here today.  Yea!

One fantastic email we received last night was from DIL Courtney - Owen's mom.  She sent two beautiful professional photos of Owen that were taken yesterday.  WOW!  What great photos these are.....and we'll share them here.
Owen - on his 7th day since birth.
Cute little snail this little fella is.....!
What beautiful pro-photos.  Thanks to Deni and Courtney for sending them to us.  What a cooperative little fella too!

Back to the desert blog stuff, Jeanette and I had planned to leave Moabi Regional Park today for Yuma, AZ.  We changed our minds this morning.  With the long day yesterday - and so little time to set up before nightfall - we decided to hold back one more day to  re-organize ourselves and our fiver before heading out tomorrow.  We also want to take  one nice hike here. 

We chose to book into our regular Yuma spot, in the Foothills area, for the next three weeks.  Our wheels will roll out tomorrow.  Many activities await us in the Yuma area.

That's it from here for now.

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. Nice to have you back in the neighborhood. I was out on a wagon ride yesterday and one of my neighbors is from your old stomping grounds of St. Paul. Mike Fodchuk is his name and although he didn't recall you he commented that he thought his brother had bought a place from your brother. Small world I guess.

  2. Welcome back to desert dirt and the heat!

  3. Glad you guy's arrived back safely. Our belated congrats on the arrival of Owen, enjoyed the pictures you shared. Nice pic's of Easton also. Have a great Monday and enjoy that warm weather.

  4. The sweet simplicity and beauty of baby photos! Congratulations on Owen's birth, and young Easton is growing into a fine young man.

  5. Glad you made it back to warmer country. Such sweet baby photos!

  6. The weather's been fantastic down here so lets hope it continues for the rest of your stay.

    Great pics of Owen. Man, the days pile up fast for the little guys - 7 days old already!

    Safe travels to Yuma!