Thursday, January 9, 2014

Sure Missing the Sun....

This has been the picture outdoors, at our home, here in Langley, BC, these past few days. Although mild....but sure beats the snowy and extreme cold temperatures that fellow Canadians and Americans have been suffering in the mid-west and eastern seaboard.  Even Floridians have been complaining.

Easton found our stash of Cheezies (popular Canadian made snack foods) and was hauling the bag around the house.
Nana spending quality time with a fun book that captures the imagination.
With so few substantive things to report on the blog, we fall back on visits with Easton.  He has taken advantage of our time back here.  And we clearly enjoy the time spent with him too.
The other day, Easton and I went for a long walk. 
That walk led us to his favourite local park where he could slide, swing, roll and run.  Such great fun to watch a little fella (21 months old) learn so much in so little time.

Back home, and with some rosy red cheeks earned from time spent outdoors, he busied himself with his toys.  Now....Nana had to get into the fun too.  She does make a good playmate with cars and stuff.
"Cheeze" (facial expression)....for the camera while enjoying a snack.
Also fun is to find neat spots to park his John Deere riding scooter.  Below is one spot he thought was suitable as a parking garage.
Anyhow, while we await word on the birth of 2nd grandchild, in Edmonton, Alberta, we keep busy with home based projects and some visits with Easton, his mom and his dad.
I have three different iPods!
I have spent a bit more time (during the wet days) editing and re-populating my three iPods with music.  With a vast library of music, I like to change things up, every so often, and rainy days lead me to our desktop to do just that.  We will have a nice mix of music for our RV iPod, our truck iPod and another while motorcycling.  
iPad Mini
I have also spent a fair bit of time getting better acquainted with the iPad Mini we purchased in the US (with the T-Mobile SIM card) that picks up the Rogers Canada cell service while at home here in British Columbia.  The service is excellent.  No complaints on that front.  I have discovered so many tricks that make using the iPad such a great tool.

We are ten days from returning to the US southwest.  With the grey skies and wet weather, I am sure looking forward to that and resuming our regular outdoor desert activities.

I found this little photo, below, and thought it was funny.  This could be our future.....several decades from now?   LOL
RVing for the geriatric future perhaps?
 That sums things up from here, for now.  Thanks for dropping in.


  1. Babies sure seem to have their own timetable, don't they :)

  2. maybe by the weekend you will be making a trip to our neighbouring province? Try and stay dry this weekend..looks like yet another wet one!

  3. Great pic of Easton with his Cheezie smile!

    Things will probably go from all's quiet to all hands on deck as soon as you get that phone call from Edmonton!

  4. Again, hurry up and wait then all will be good and you head back to the sunny south.
    Keep warm while you are there.