Friday, January 24, 2014

Sorting Out Internet, Visiting and More......

The T-Mobile SIM card - that is installed in our iPad and that has worked well in other geographic areas - is problematic here in Yuma country.  Although it shows 4-5 bars of strength, it is fool's gold.  Simply stated, the service is awful.  So..... plan 'B' for internet service meant activating our back up Virgin Mobile Broadband To Go.  We are grandfathered with the service so it is an unlimited access, pay monthly deal - with no contract. Now activated, we have good internet service once again.  

Although the iPad could be used as the internet Hot Spot, the service was slower than molasses running downhill at -40 below zero weather.  It was dreadfully slow....NO.... it was painfully slow.

To 'Face Time' our grandkids and their folks, we have access to a WiFi service that is but a few minutes from our RV site.  We can walk or drive there and 'Face Time'.  With the wireless world problems solved (to suit us, that is) we are back to the business of and enjoying....and visiting....and more.
Strong shadows means bright sunshine!
The weather is everything one could wish for.  The nighttime temperatures are ideal for sleep.  The daytime temperatures hover near the 80's. There is no need to turn the heat system or the air conditioning on. 
All set up in the Yuma Foothills.
Although our 4th year in the Yuma area, it is our 3rd year of parking here in the Foothills area.  We like it here and the lady we rent our spot from seems to keep this great place open just for us.  It comes with a very private yard - privately surrounded by a brick wall - with 50 amps, water and sewer.  It is a large, gated site.  We feel at home here.
Well set up for the next three weeks.
Other than spending a bit of time re-connecting ourselves to the internet world, we've done some visiting, a bit of motorcycling and enjoying some time in the sun.  
You know you are in Yuma when you see field after field of vegetables.......
......and you see workers harvesting the vegetables for truck transport to places all over North America.
Comparing iPads when visiting my brother (and his wife) who winter in Yuma.
Our first visit (this 2014) was to Bernie and Rita's place in Yuma.  My brother and his wife have wintered here these past 15, or so, years.  They leave Alberta in late October and hang out at their home in Yuma for close to six months.  
I am setting up his iPad to match my set up.
They invited us to stay for dinner....and who could say no to that?  Not us!  So, we enjoyed a lovely outdoor dinner and visited till about 8:30 pm before riding back to our spot in the Yuma Foothills - about 15 minutes east.
Enjoying a lovely dinner outdoors.....on a perfect evening.
We did connect with our good friends (from Nanaimo, BC - on Vancouver Island) who have been in Yuma for a couple of weeks now.  Hector and I have already lined up some golf rounds while Jeanette and Diane plot some of their activities.  We had Hector and Diane (and their wonderful dog, Chico - a Portuguese Water Dog) over for a barbecue at our site last evening but with the excitement of seeing them again- and chatting and preparing dinner - we did not get one photo from our evening get together.  Hard to believe that....but it's what happened.

I did manage to detail the motorcycle...and it is now due for a good wax polish. I will likely tackle that job sometime today.
That covers things from here, for now.

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. In our short stent of traveling with the iPad, we did not find many spots where the T-Mobile service worked well--near larger cities we even picked up some LTE but as you said, it was slower than molasses in a lot of the places we went. It does work in our "big" city of Billings but is very, very slow. Be forewarned, if you do get somewhere and have LTE, your LTE data is limited with the iPad and with the speed of LTE, you can burn through a LOT of data in a short amount of time.

  2. I've always heard that T-Mobile Internet service is not very good but it's always good to have that verified by people I actually know.

    You sure have a nice setup in the Yuma foothills.

  3. Nice spot you have there, and we loving the weather here in the Q. Amazingly our Verizon, works almost perfect here during the show.

  4. Love your set up in Yuma! Great looking spot!

    Internet problems suck...great to have the back up.

  5. Having slow internet connection is definitely the bane of my existence. I can totaly sympathize with you on the experience. I also went somewhere far from the big cities and my services plummeted to oblivion while I was in the countryside. I hope, with today's fast-paced technological innovation, they could fix this issue with geographical constraints; so that everyone can access the net regardless of their location. By the way, Yuma looks amazing, and that's in the middle of winter. How do you think it's faring this spring season?

    Jannette @ TLink Broadband