Sunday, June 3, 2012


There was a surge in activities these past couple of days.  We've had several visitors to the RV.  Friday saw Ginette and Trevor's family and friends drop by the RV to hang out.
L-R Trevor's sister Tracey, family friend Nicole, Trevor's brother Wesley, Ginette, Easton and Trevor.
With raindrops falling off and on, everyone stayed inside the RV to exchange banter and laughs.
Easton seemed to be enjoying himself.
Friday evening had us all attend a Bar-B-Que at Trevor's mom's place in Summerland.  This was the pre-get together before Sandi (Trevor's mom) would wed her friend Bob at a formal ceremony on the Summerland waterfront on Saturday.
Trevor with mom Sandi, grandmother Cleo, Easton and Ginette.
Saturday morning, Nana Jeanette took Easton for a walk around the RV site and along Lake Okanagan.  She captured this nice photo (below) along the way.

A tad later, Trevor took his son for a hike, run and walk along the waterfront.
By noon it was time to spiffy up and ready for the 15 minute drive from Peachland to Summerland to attend the official wedding ceremony.
Easton is all decked out and ready.
Easton was a big draw. Those folks who had not met him before were keen to hold him.  He sure had a lot of takers and he seemed to manage that quite well.  In spite of all the jostling and handovers, he was a trooper. 
Nice tie Easton!  It was imprinted on his shirt.
The gathering at the Summerland Waterfront Resort and Spa.
We saw our long time friends Garry and Aline once again....and we had the opportunity to meet many new people too.

Jeanette and Aline were in the spirit.
Below, Trevor escorts his mom to where soon to be husband Bob and the wedding party were waiting.

Sandi and Bob - Ceremony soon to commence.
The Wedding Party L-R - Trevor, Tracey, Sandi, Bob, Jordy (Bob's son) and Wesley
 It was a lovely afternoon.  The sun was out and the temperature was just right.  The gathering of folks was enjoying a perfect, late spring afternoon.
A view from on high.
Ginette sang an Elvis song that her mom in law Sandi had requested.
Jeanette and I relaxing on the resort patio while enjoying the sunshine.
This resort was the perfect setting, on an awesome day, for a wonderful ceremony. Yeah!
Congratulations to Sandi and Bob. 
The wedding party - following the photo shoot.
Garry is enjoying kisses from his daughter Nicole (L) and our daughter Ginette (R).  The two girls are often believed to be sisters.  The great friends that they are is wonderful. They act like sisters too.
An awesome photo of Okanagan Lake - following the wedding ceremony and before the 7:00 pm dinner.
Several folks joined the new couple for dinner at the Local restaurant (Yes, it is called the Local)
Bob's son Jordy (from Toronto) said a few words in tribute to his father Bob.
That pretty well colours the past two days.  Trevor, Ginette and Easton will be driving back to the west coast this Sunday afternoon.  Jeanette and I will arrange to get together with several friends we have not seen in some time and who live in the Okanagan Valley.  More to come.

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  1. what a lovely spot for a wedding!!!..congrats to the Happy Couple!..may they have many years of wedded bliss!!

  2. wonderful pictures Rene....looks like a great wedding...gorgeous area...

  3. Looks like a beautiful wedding--gorgeous setting!

  4. Beautiful setting for the wedding, looked like a wonderful time. Easton sure looks sharp with his tie. Have a Great Week!