Sunday, June 17, 2012

Still Much Going On....but little access to Internet.

Although I have to drive a bit of distance to write a blog, I have not had the time - nor the access - to read or even catch up with the blogs I regularly read and/or comment on.  That's just the way it's been....and will continue to be so till Jeanette and I get into the city of Edmonton, Alberta, in the coming days.

Jeanette's cousin Wesley leaving to spray one of his fields.
It is Father's Day evening and I am sitting in our truck, outside the library in the town of Two Hills, Alberta.  It isn't open but when last here to write the previous blog, I had entered the necessary data, including password, that allows me to access the WiFi from the street, anytime.
Jeanette's uncle Metro....played us a few tunes on his 60 year old accordion.  He's pretty good at it too!
Metro's farm is on Highway 45 and his static farmer ( I call the dummy) gets a lot of attention from truckers and other drivers.
 Metro is a prankster, joke teller and generally likes to often as possible.  He asked where we wintered during the winter months. We mentioned the areas we've been to and when Yuma, AZ, was mentioned, he said that he and wife Diane had been there three years in a row for winter.  He also 'jokingly said' that he never found winter there so they have not been back since!!!!    LOL
 We had a wonderful visit with them before returning Jeanette's mom back to the long term care facility she now resides in.
Yes, it was my birthday, this past 15th of June, and my mother in law Mary presented me with a card and this nice muffin with one candle.  Nice!
This the town of St. Paul, Alberta.  It's where I grew up and lived till age 17.
Fourty five minutes from Jeanette's parents' farm is the town of St. Paul.  One brother and one sister live there.  My sister and brother organized a Friday evening party at my niece's place, out in the country, south of town.  It was a beautiful evening and we took advantage to BBQ outdoors, take in the rolling clouds, horses and the peace and tranquility of the area.
Jeff and Tina's place for BBQ.
Me with brother in law Rick, chatting up the horses that Tina's daughter ride.  Rick runs his own cow/calf operation nearby on his farm.
Ginette, Easton and our son drove out from Edmonton for the occasion to celebrate my birthday.
Tina's husband Jeff was busy with the open fire BBQ...and the burgers, brats and dogs were fantastic.
Sister in law Rita (my older brother's wife) had plenty of face time with Easton. They winter in Yuma, AZ, and leave before the snow flies in this area.
My brother and brother in law got into the joke telling early.  We laughed a lot....had a great time visiting and just enjoyed the awesome evening outdoors.  Hard to beat that!
L-R  Brother Bernie, brother in law Rick, son Deni and sister in law Rita with Easton.

Easton got to have his very first meeting with the three very tame horses.  They loved his fresh baby smell....cause they were sure drawn to him.  He was not frightened.
This is all so new to the two month old.
Some of us sat in the gazebo.....
....the guys, that is.....while the girls were out near the fire.
Thanks for throwing a really nice surprise birthday party.  Special thanks to my sister Paulette, who organized it, Bernie and Rita for the salad, Jeff and Tina (with daughter Shania and son Brenden) for hosting.....! 
A fun evening!
Shania spends time with Easton.
Brenden is proud of the truck he and his dad restored.  Awesome wheels!
Great grandmother with Easton.  Quite magical, really.
Easton was a good distraction for Mary, following the passing of her husband John.  She's coping well, all things considered. Jeanette has driven her out to the farm almost every day so that she could watch and guide some of the work that we undertook; including mowing the grass, cleaning some of the farm equipment and watching our son Deni hook up an old set of discs and rejuvenate the soil in the large gardens.  The weeds had taken over.  It all looks very nice now.
Our son Deni with his mom...!
The old discs made quick work of weeding the two large gardens.....

Quaint farm photo with four generations.
While I am writing this blog, Jeanette is visiting with her mother at the long term care facility.  We chose to drive into town and have dinner with her.  If one calls in advance, the kitchen staff will provide for visitors.  Nice touch....and I have to say that the food - typically prepared by the local staff - is exceptionally good.  It's not often one can make that declaration when speaking about institutional meals.
I got busy mowing the lawns before we leave for Edmonton, tomorrow.
We decided to light a fire and roast some burgers and hot dogs last evening before Deni, Ginette and Easton left for the 90 minute drive back to Edmonton.
Late evening farmyard shot.
Our little group shot, including Elsie (bottom right) Mary's sister, who dropped by with her granddaughter for the outdoor meal.
The country church and cemetery where Jeanette's dad is buried. She has taken her mom there a few times this past week.  The visits help with the bereavement process.
Still no word on the completion of the work on our 5th wheel.  We will know more tomorrow (Monday).  Either way, Jeanette and I are leaving the farm and the Two Hills, Alberta, country for Edmonton.  When our fiver is ready for hook up, we'll drive the 3.5 hours back westward to Hinton and continue for home - on the west coast - from there.   When I last spoke with the RV repair facility, it was thought the fiver would be ready by Tuesday.  More news from Edmonton, Alberta, in the next day or so.  Thanks for dropping by.


  1. Happy belated birthday. Looks like are having some wonderful family times. Hope your Fiver gets all the repairs done on time.

  2. Happy Belated Birthday Rene!..looks like it was a fun surprise!..
    I am sure you are hoping to be heading home soon with the fiver in behind the truck!..hopefully that will happen soon!..

  3. Nothing beats a party on the farm. And I know from experience that having a crowd of family around helps with that bereavement process and sure helped me and my nieces and nephews as we all got through our first Fathers Day without our Dads.

    I sure will use Uncle Metro's line if I ever decide not to go south again during the winters, although it may be a while before that happens.

  4. Happy Birthday, Rene - it sure looks like it was a good one. Loved all those photos of your family on the farm and at the BBQ.

    Hope you get good news on your 5'er today. I was just wondering, since the shackle on one side broke, is there anyway to check the other side to see what condition it's in? Seems to me they must be from the same manufacturer.

  5. Happy Birthday Rene!

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    You can get it here:

    Just make sure you only take the main program as the installer will want to download a Bing toolbar as well.

  6. Rick, I'm replacing all shackles. The entire suspension is being beefed up with new springs and shocks.

    JB, Metro's is a good line and, like you, I don't plan to use it anytime soon.

    Thanks to all who commented of late.

  7. Our belated Happy Birthday wishes to you Rene'. I sure like the open fire BBQ for cooking those burgers and brats. Nice group shot of you and the family. Can't believe how much Easton has grown already.

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