Monday, June 25, 2012

Water, Water....Not So Routine....But?

With the 5th wheel out on the front driveway, we thought it best to pressure wash the fence and re-stain it to match our new trim colours.  Once that's done, we'll park the fiver back in its rightful storage space. 
Having been away from home for almost an entire month, Jeanette was quick to get into her flower garden and clean up the weeds.  The cool and damp weather - with mixed rains - had us working on the yard between downpours. Highly unusual weather for this time of the year.
Not warm enough for short sleeves and short pants.
The weather has been great for the strawberry patch.  Check out this collection!
 The heavy rains and erratic downpours - combined with the quick snow melt in the mountains - have wreaked havoc for residents who shoulder the mighty Fraser River.  Many residents have been forced to leave.  Heavy flooding and raging waters - not seen in the past 40 years - have once again shown the wrath of mother nature.
The Fraser River at Fort Langley.
When the skies cleared up a bit we motorcycled out to the Fraser River to take a first hand look at the flood damage.
RVers and tenters at Derby Reach were out of luck.  The road is washed out and the camp spots are under water.

The campsite table looks lost out there.
The camp host had to make a quick exit too. Below is his satellite dish that now sits in the Fraser River. 
An unusual site for a satellite dish!
The picnic grounds were not accessible.  Where there would be numerous families enjoying the great outdoors and picnics, Saturday was not to be.  The area was abandoned.

A tug boat making its way up the Fraser River.
The north side of the river is where the municipality of Maple Ridge lies well protected by the high river banks.  Further up stream, flooding has caused some major damage.
Maple Ridge on the north side of the river.
A lonely fire pit.
Riding along River Road, east of Fort Langley, ended quickly when the road was covered in water spilling over from the Fraser River.
Threatening skies.
With the skies threatening to open up, we quickly headed for home and we're parked in the garage when a heavy rain storm unleashed its fury.  That pretty well ended our outdoor activities.

We have bright, sunny skies today.  We'll take advantage to get some needed work - such as fence staining - completed.

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. I feel guilty after looking at all the water. just returned from 6 days at the Lake with my Grandson and all week nothing but sunny and in the middle 90's. Couldn't have custom ordered better vacation weather. This week is looking the same. Hope everyone is okay with all the flooding your way.Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.....

  2. Those strawberries look so delicious. That was very serious flooding. Wonder what kind of reception that guy gets with his dish out there??? LOL

  3. Great shot of the satellite dish out in the river, Rene!

    I've been watching the Fraser River on the nightly news and it sure looks scary for a lot of folks.

    It sure is strange weather, I'm hoping July smartens up so we at least get a good summer.

  4. Wow...lots of water... You need some of our Ontario sunshine! Hope it improves...

  5. lots of water in our 'mutual neighborhoods'..quite something isn't it to see the Derby Reach Campground under water!!

  6. nice looking thats alot of rained here all day today and rained hard...suppose to clear up on Friday..ughhh