Friday, June 1, 2012

Great Camp Spot....and WiFi fixed, finally!

Jeanette and I made good time, after leaving home, for Peachland in the Okanagan Valley.  That was last Wednesday.
Route 1 - The Trans-Canada Highway - heading east.
4 hours later, our first view of Lake Okanagan
Peachland was our destination.
We did try to blog - and to access the internet - but there was a problem with the RV Park WiFi.  Thursday morning had me on the computer, for a few hours, trying to resolve the internet issue....till I finally gave up (believing it might be my PC WiFi card.... but, it wasn't....and the fault lay with the RV Park WiFi). We had to head over for mid- morning coffee with friends, Aline and Garry so I ended my PC troubleshooting.
Getting setup
Beautiful, small and rustic 50 + year old RV park with only two 'big rig' sites.
The view from the entrance to the RV Park is stunning.  This family owned park is over 50 years old.  It's a gem!  It includes all services, including 50 amp power.
Nice sign as one enters the small RV Park.
Our spot in one of only two sites that can accommodate a big rig.
With so many activities going on, and with Ginette, Trevor and Easton joining us at noon Thursday, I did not get the chance to try out the WiFi till this morning.  It worked fine today....and the signal strength equals all five bars.  Nice!
Trevor's maternal grandmother drove out with Ginette, Easton and Trevor.
Nana Jeanette with cool shaded Easton!
We offered up some lunch and enjoyed the partially cloudy but warm outdoor temperatures.
Proud dad.
Trevor's mom, who lives in Summerland - a few miles down the road - drove up to retrieve her mom and take her home.  Meanwhile, the rest of us headed up from the lake and RV Park to visit our good friends who retired here in Peachland.
L-R  Aline, Garry (with Easton) Trevor & Ginette
Aline and Garry are close and long time family friends.  Our children grew up together and we spent many occasions visiting each others' homes when we lived in White Rock.  In fact, Aline and Garry are our son and daughter's second parents.
This is Aline's first time meeting and holding Easton
Garry gets his chance to have a bit of face time with Easton. He looked pretty comfy.
We had a really nice visit before getting back to our RV spot where I prepared to look after Easton while Trevor attended a pre-wedding gathering and Ginette and Jeanette joined a group of other like minded girls for a dinner out to celebrate a birthday.
Hey, it's you and me tonight Easton!  We'll have a guys evening!  What's not to like about that?
So, Easton and I did just that.  We had a great evening.  I watched TV and he slept.  That's what babies do when well fed, have nice dry diapers and are warm.  No problem there.  We had all the bases covered.  What a treat!

A few hours later, Jeanette returned from her dinner out and we hung out with Easton till his folks returned from their pre-wedding activities.

More about our RV'ing and activities here in the sunny and cloudy and occasionally rainy Okanagan Valley.

Thanks for dropping by.
My major babysitting duties!


  1. Looks like another great family get together. Glad to see you getting in a little babysitting time with Easton.

    Just a thought on wifi. Do you have an iPhone? If so have you tried using the Personal Hotspot feature?

    It's in Settings and works terrific. It allows up to 5 devices to connect and provides fast Internet access.

    I couldn't remember what phone you have, but just in case.

  2. Thanks Rick. I went into settings and turned on the ' personal hot spot'. I will test it out.

  3. Hey Nice post. I am learning fast about RV things these days. I want to know are caravan park and RV park are the same thing? If not, what is the difference between both of them?