Friday, June 29, 2012

More of the Same

Since our last writing, the weather has not smartened up much.  We still face unseasonable weather - with mixed rains between sun and cloud.  It is often quite cool out too.  When the sun appears, the humidity (uncommon here on the west coast) rears its ugly head.

But, we have accomplished a few things:
One week ago today I pressure washed the fence on the RV parking side of our home.
It was our objective to stain the fence to match our home trim colour.  We made good on that.
Much improved look, in our view!
Jeanette patiently staining the lattice.
We had 11 panels to stain and we actually made good time.  We had completed the task within five hours. One more home improvement job completed!
We will be re-building the pond....raising it somewhat...then including a small waterfall.  It's a work in progress.  No timeline on completion.

Another job in the future is to remove the lava rock, prepare the ground for sidewalk bricks from the sidewalk to the shed, install the bricks then sand the crevices.  That too is a future plan and will be completed over time. 

We moved the 5th wheel back into its locked compound.
Our son in law and daughter's home.  They are building a garage.  It's taking shape.
Ginette is busy mowing the front.
Jeanette dropped by our daughter's place.  She spent a bit of time visiting with Easton while his mom and dad got some yard work completed.
Kuma the cat keeps watch over Easton while he sleeps.
So, that pretty much sums ups our limited activities these past few days.  With Canada Day approaching - this July 1st - the long weekend is when we opt to stay close to home rather than fight the weekend campers as they head off. 
Our dogwood tree in full bloom.
Not a whole lot more to add to this blog.  Life is pretty much more of the same.

Happy Canada Day!  Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Nice job on the fence - the new paint job looks good. I'm glad to see you have a few more home improvement jobs on the drawing boards for the future - I don't feel so alone now.

    Great pic of Kuma the cat watching over Easton as he sleeps!

  2. Your yard is looking wonderful. It has finally stopped raining her so maybe a little yard work in our future.

    Happy Canada to you and Jeanette.