Saturday, February 28, 2015

A Collage of Things....

When I left off in the previous blog, our F-350 would not start.  A bit of time with Google and a Face Time chat with our son in law, Trevor had me convinced that the problem was due to a faulty FICM (Fuel Injection Control Module).  Shortly after the computer was plugged into the truck at the local Ford dealer, it was confirmed.  The FICM would need replacing.
Back at our RV site....and purring once again.
Other than dealing with the truck issue, we were not idle.  Our RV friends, Hector and Diane were hosting a family and friends barbecue and we collaborated on meal preparation.  And it was a fun evening.
Hector's youngest sister, Sharon (dark hair in the middle) was visiting from Newfoundland.  Her and husband, Terry (black T-shirt on the right) were enjoying their first time in the Palm Springs area.
Dueling  barbecues
We roasted two beer can chickens on the Webers; followed with Hector's fish specialties and a whole lot more.
It was an outdoor 5 STAR meal......
The propane fireplace kept everyone nice and warm.
Jeanette, Hector and Terry.
Roz, Connie and Trena
Hector and I enjoy golf and we had a mid-week game planned at the Palm Desert Golf Resort; where my nephew, Ted is the Superintendent.  Thursday morning's 9:08 am tee off was under perfect golfing conditions.  A nice Seattle couple joined us, the sun was out, the sky was blue and there was no wind.  
Hector is taking his second shot from the brown-out.
Taken from Hole #9 and #18 
The golf resort is in pristine condition.  The fairways were lush and the greens were true and fast.
Following completion of our golf round.
Before our Tee-off, we got to chat with my nephew for well over 30 minutes.  He had to run off to look after some business when Hector and I headed out for Hole #1.  Catching up on our lives kept me from taking a photo.  We will be visiting again soon.....and photos will be posted.

The Santa Anna winds were blowing hard yesterday (Friday).  Our sun shade and awning had to come down.  A good thing too!  The gusts would have torn the awning off its mounts.  We have not experienced winds that harsh in several years.
An outing at Cabot's Pueblo Museum, Desert Hot Springs.
With the gusting winds, Jeanette and I chose to head out with no real destination in mind.  Cruising around Desert Hot Springs brought us to Cabot's Pueblo Museum; built mostly from found materials between 1941 and 1950.  It was a wonderful afternoon activity.
Waokie:  Carved on site by Peter Toth in 1978 as part of his 'Trial of the Whispering Giants," the giant sequoia carving was intended to raise awareness of the spirit, culture and plight of Native Americans.
Eclectic building
Cabot's Pueblo was his home and personal museum until his death in 1965
Tourists have the choice of purchasing a guided tour or taking a self guided tour at no charge.
History states that Cabot found this area in 1913, dug only a 3' hole with a shovel and pick, and discovered the healing hot springs waters.  Only 600 yards over and he discovered fresh, clear, clean and cool drinking water.  Desert Hot Springs got its name for the numerous hot springs resorts that were built up in the hills above the Palm Springs/Palm Desert floor. 

The heavy Friday winds have abated somewhat today (Saturday).  Although it is still breezy, the heavy gusts aren't prevalent.  We hope it stays that way.

Thanks for dropping in.

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  1. Glad to hear your truck issue was an easy fix to find.

    That looked like quite a bbq feast you had over that at your RV park.

    Just waiting here for the weather to return to normal so we can get back to all our normal activities. Good time to catch up on some reading though.