Thursday, February 19, 2015

Keeping Active

The great Palm Springs weather continues.  High 80's temperatures and cool desert nights make for good winter living conditions.  With that comes a multitude of interesting activities.
Other than daily walks around our RV park, Jeanette has been attending Zumba classes on Mondays and Wednesdays.  When not walking with her, I've joined others for a round of golf and one most recent long, long motorcycle guy ride.
Golfing with Hector, his sister Roz and Brother in Law, Stan
We were invited to Stan and Roz's resort community for a round of golf and an evening dinner.  We played 18 holes on their lovely golf course.  And I shot one of my better golf rounds; an 82. 
Fast greens and lush fairways
Hector and Diane contributed the west coast Pacific salmon, others contributed the balance of the food stuffs; including wine, and we enjoyed a superb dinner at Roz and Stan's lovely home in 1000 Palms.
L-R  Buzz, Connie, Art, Hector, Dian, Roz (Stan, Jeanette and me missed out on the photo)
That meal was first class. And it was a really nice way to close off a wonderful day of golf.
Tuesday 'guy' ride with eight other like minded riders.
Fellow rider, Lucky invited me to join a ride that would see us travel all the way south towards the Mexican border, west towards San Diego then north on S-2 through great California mountain country.  We skirted Borrego Springs as we made our way back north.  We rolled further north from there into Warner Springs, Anza and back down into the Palm Desert floor from an elevation well over 4000 feet.
Parked for lunch in the tiny little town of Ocotillo, CA.
The tiny restaurant in Ocotillo served some well earned sandwiches for the hungry riders.  We may have overwhelmed the kitchen staff.  I don't think they often get such a large group come lunchtime.  The food was good though.
Our restaurant in Ocotillo, Ca.
Taking a fuel and ice cream break in Anza, CA, our final run on Highway 74 and into the desert floor would take us another hour.  Our arrival - following well over 300 miles - was completed just before nightfall.
The view from about 2000 feet - taken from the observation area on Highway 74
While Jeanette was at Zumba yesterday morning, I was futzing around the Desert Hot Springs area, in search of a special swivel wheel bolt that had broken.  No luck with finding one.

Back at our RV site, I looked online for a specialty nut and bolt supplier and I located a 'Fastenal' dealer in Palm Desert.  Shortly after lunch, Jeanette and I drove to the Fastenal retailer.  We found the right specialty bolt. 

We had also planned to spend a couple of hours enjoying the ambiance at the JW Marriott Resort.  It was one busy place.  Parking was hard to find but when we did succeed in securing a space, we enjoyed walking around, sitting by the water, and generally relaxing in the fabulous environment.
Beautiful resort.
There are two top rated golf courses here.  I have played both courses in years past.  The grounds are lush and one gets the feeling of being at a ocean-side beach front resort.  It is an impressive place. And this area sports many, many other similar golf and spa resorts.
We watched some golfers putting out on the 18th hole in the photo below.
18th hole
Such a peaceful place.  Even the swans are relaxed.
Jeanette kept this black swan entertained.
This view could be found in the wilds of British Columbia but it is at the JW Marriott Resort in Palm Desert, CA.
And that's the way it has been from here.

Thanks for dropping in.


  1. sounds like the two of you, as always, are enjoying your winter vacation!
    Nice to see blue skies and warm temperatures!!

  2. Oh yes loving your awesome pictures, and that amazing weather, thanks for sharing.

  3. Other than there are probably Crocus blooming in your yard, is there any place else you'd rather be?

  4. Riding motorcycles....golfing...eating...yup, sounds like my kind of day!