Monday, February 2, 2015

In C-A-L-I-F-O-R-N-I-A

Following so many days of cloudy sky and occasional rain in Yuma, AZ it was refreshing to wake up to a Super Bowl Sunday with sun and temperatures that would rise to the high 70's.  It was moving day for us.
Loading up on the street.....
The day previous (Saturday) while on a long morning walk, our telephone rang and it was the kind of call one just cannot say NO to.  Invited to join in a Saturday afternoon, impromptu motorcycle ride to Calexico and El Centro, CA got a quick response from us.  We were up for that!
Leaving the Yuma Foothills
We met the other riders at their RV resort - Fortuna de Oro.   A quick stop for fuel top ups had us heading west on I-8 towards Calexico and El Centro, CA.  Shortly after being checked out at the California inspection station,  we took an off ramp for a two lane highway that would lead us south and west towards Calexico.
It was a nice day but the clouds were prevalent.
The All American Canal that diverts Colorado River water to thirsty southern California vegetable and fruit farms.
Weekenders enjoying the Imperial Sand Dunes.
A blog we wrote in early December, 2014, coloured an impromptu meeting with motorcyclists in a Yuma RV park.  We were invited to join the group for a regular Sunday ride.  While seated at a restaurant in Martinez Lake, some of the folks recognized Jeanette.  WOW!  As it turned out, the two motorcyclists - photo below - rode the very same school bus Jeanette rode when attending school in central Alberta, more than 40 years back.  Imagine that! 

Two brothers - Roger, left and James, right rode the same school bus as Jeanette when they were kids.
Not having seen each other for well past 40 years, imagine the stories they had to share.  And when enjoying a coffee and pastries in El Centro, it was interesting to listen to their stories from long ago.  Good fun!
Interesting sky near Calexico, CA.
Ominous clouds ....but no rain......!
Rolling back to Yuma, late Saturday afternoon.
We followed the motorcyclists back to their RV park.  Once the bye byes were exchanged - with promises to meet up again in the future - we rolled away in search of another RV couple that had recently arrived in that park.  
We found their RV spot in mere minutes.
We met Alice and Randy - who call Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta home - a few years back in Gold Canyon, AZ. Always ready for a laugh, Randy was his usual quick witted self and we laughed ourselves silly before Jeanette and I rode off.  We hope to see these folks - and their Iowan friends - again before our winter journey comes to a close.
A few days from now, Alice and Randy will be rolling further east,  into Gold Canyon, where they plan to meet up with Fritz & Bonnie and Dave & Lavonne.  We featured both couples in previous blogs.
The Yuma Foothills area on Saturday evening.
Back to Super Bowl Sunday, we rolled away from our Yuma Foothills site by 9:30 am.  Other than a road side stop for lunch, we arrived at Caliente' Springs RV Resort - Desert Hot Springs, CA by 1:30 pm.  Although we had reservations for February and March, we did not know which site we would be in.   Imagine our surprise when we were assigned a great site right next to our good friends, Diane and Hector.  
Dillon Road - heading west to Desert Hot Springs.
Ah....yes.....back to a familiar resort we really enjoy.
The RV sites are quite wide.  Because we will be here for a couple of months, we chose to disconnect the motorcycle swivel wheel from the 5th wheel and place it aside.  We could then place our fiver further back on the site.   We made quick work of that, leveling and setting ourselves up.  
Unhitched and moving the truck to its rightful parking space.
We were set up well before the Super Bowl....!  Hector dropped by (with Chico, the wonderful Portuguese Water Dog) to watch some of the football game.  Diane is away, back home in BC, till her planned return this Friday. 
Jeanette offered up a fantastic dinner that we enjoyed long past the setting sun, on a warm and pleasant evening, sitting outdoors.  Our decision to sit outdoors was quickly determined when the Seattle Seahawks threw that memorable (and not in a nice way) interception to easily hand the Super Bowl trophy to the New England Patriots.  Enough said about that gaff!
Enjoying a wonderfully warm and pleasant early evening.
And there you have it.  We will be reporting from this Palm Springs area in the days and weeks ahead.

Thanks for joining in.


  1. Not being a fan of either team it was a great game.

    After reviewing the footage numerous times I am sure that Malcolm Butler can be seen mouthing the word "BOOM" as he made that catch in the dying seconds.

    I am sure Seattle will have many more opportunities to do it all again though.

    1. To return to a Super Bowl is one difficult act to follow - three years on a row. Being a solid team, with the ability to forget the last seconds gaff this year, could see them give it a good fight though.

  2. Enjoy Palm Springs, wish we were there. much nicer than here thats for sure!

    1. We learned of the snow you are experiencing....and the colder temperatures too.....

  3. Good Times, Great Friends. Sounds good to us.

  4. Sure love that Park, and it looks like you are on our old site #305. Lots to do in that area, you will have fun with the bike, that is for sure.

    1. #305 is your former site. Plenty of room. Weather is great for motorcycling and golfing.